Gear You Need To Start Hog Hunting

For many individuals, hog hunting is more than a passion. While cool guns and optics are favorites of many, you will also need some less exciting, but essential gear to experience success on your next hog hunt. Some of this gear includes:

Hunting Vehicle

Generally, people like hunting in a large area of 15,000 acres or more, so you need to have good off road transportation. While there are a lot of ATVs/UTVs available, it’s best to invest in a sturdy vehicle like a Kawasaki. Your vehicle must be comfortable, quiet and have lots of cargo space. You can run both 610 and 4010 Trans Mules. It is a must for your vehicle to have supreme auxiliary lights.


Good binoculars

Nikon Monarch ATB 8.5×56 has been accredited for excellent results. They have the best light gathering of any binoculars. However, they are pretty heavy and big in size.

Shooting Sticks

If you are into spot and stalk hunting, you can’t go without shooting sticks. In Africa, most shots are taken with shooting sticks and you can use Stoney Point Expedition model which are simple and quick to use. In addition, they work great for standing and kneeling.

Wind Detection

A Bic lighter for night and daytime wind detection is essential. Successful hog hunting is all about effectively working with the wind. Hogs see and hear well, but have sense of smell that’s exceptional. You simply MUST know at all times what the wind is doing, because it’s the difference between success and failure.

Weapons Mounted Light

Most people don’t have a night vision weapon sight, and if this is you then it would be best for you to have a weapon-mounted, bright, focused light that allows you to shoot after dark when most hogs are out. There are a number of splendid weapon lights available on the market. However, beware that some of these weapons are especially designed for handguns and spread a wide beam, which is not appropriate for hog hunting. Instead you need the most focused, brightest beam you can get for hog hunting. The weapon must offer enough light to correctly identify and position your shot out at least 75 yards. The excellent Wilson Combat light by Coast is durable, focused, bright and has a very long run time on AAA batteries.

Night Vision

Assuming the minimal clouds, there are around twelve to fourteen nights each month when conditions are best for the spot and stalk night vision hunting. There are many drainage ditches and objects to injure yourself on, so always hunt when you can see and walk properly in the dark with no artificial light. These are the conditions when light intensifying night vision works great.


Obviously not an “essential” gear, it is a good idea to have a top quality Flir unit. The unit works well in total darkness and is incredibly useful for locating an injured or dead hog in the dark.



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