Gear You Need To Start Playing Badminton

While the best badminton equipment alone won’t make you great at the sport, it can go a long way toward improving your playing experience. Among all racket sports, badminton is the fastest. This sport tests the players’ agility, power and speed. A badminton player runs up to a mile during a badminton match, so the equipment needed in badminton is lightweight and economical. Here is the list of the some of the equipment necessary for playing badminton:


A badminton racket is very light in weight but also strong and durable as it is made from steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. A racket is 26.77 inches long and 9.06 inches wide. The thickness of the strings on the racket is .03 inches and its weight is around 3.2 oz. Racket manufacturers use 1U, 2U, 3U and 4U to notify racket’s weight, 4U being the lightest and 1U being the heaviest. G2, G3, G4, and G5 represent the size where G5 is the smallest and G2 is the biggest. Buy a racket cover too to keep it safe when you are not using it. The following racket is of 4U/G4.




Shuttles or shuttlecocks are the objects that players volley across the net to each other during a badminton game. For professional matches, shuttles made of feathers are used and for informal or backyard games, plastic shuttles are used. Specifically, shuttles consist of sixteen real feathers from a goose’s left wing. Consider the six pack of plastic shuttles in the link below. These are best for practice.


Badminton Net

The top of the badminton net stands five feet above the badminton court. The net is made from vinyl mesh with a cotton or leather top. If you are playing an informal game then net is not compulsory. You can just have couple of rackets and shuttles to enjoy a casual game. However, you need a net for professional play. Servers serve the shuttle over the net to other player. Take a look at this height adjustable badminton racket. Easy to assemble and disassemble, you can take it anywhere.



Badminton Court

If you practice the game of badminton with the intentions of becoming a professional player, then you should practice on a badminton court. Generally, the badminton courts measure 44 feet long by 20 feet wide with a center net line separation that creates two sides with the dimensions of 22 feet by 20 feet. Badminton courts encompass boundary lines marking the 44-feet-long by 20-feet-wide outline. These lines are the sidelines for doubles play and the long service lines for the singles play. Single side lines are marked 1.5 feet from the outer boundary line, or doubles sideline. Lines on the court marked 6.5 feet from the center line are the short service lines. A center line running from the back boundary line to the short service line separates the right and left sides of the court.




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