The Largest Hammock You Have Ever Seen

Hummingbird Hammock

takes the definition of an average hammock to a completely different level with its latest product Mega Hamocks. The Mega Hammock is 18 feet wide and 8 feet tall. That’s right – it hangs all the way across most people’s backyards. The Mega Hammock comes in four different colors: buttercup yellow, orange, royal blue or coyote brown. This is definitely the largest hammock you have ever seen, which makes it desirable; but, before investing in the Mega Hammock, there are a few pros and cons that you should consider.



The Mega Hamock can hold three people comfortably but is ranked to fit up to five people. (The maximum weight limit is 1,000 pounds.) This product is highly beneficial for a hamock-loving families and friends. Everyone can relax together on one hamock. Since the hamock is 8 feet tall, it allows you to stretch out your whole body comfortably. The Mega Hamock is also made with ripstop nylon, so it is incredibly durable. In addition, each hammock is handmade by the designer, who is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified parachute rigger.  Every customer is ensured a safe, functional Mega Hamock. Each hammock gets made-to-order at Hummingbird’s Colorado factory, so it takes about two to four weeks after processing your order before the hammock arrives at your doorstep.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing the Mega Hamock. The hamock is humongous, so you need enough space for it in your yard and strong trees with enough width in between. The hamock is also pretty expensive with a price of $375 not including the tree straps. (Hamock lovers might not mind the expense.) The Mega Hamock does not swing as freely as your average hamock. In addition, weight can be an issue; people laying on the edges would definitely start sliding to the middle after a while. The Mega Hamock is probably ideal for children or maybe a small family of two or three so weight can be distributed a bit more evenly.

It is always best to explore all of the pros and cons before you make an investment, and then decipher which list is more impactful. The Mega Hammock is a great product if it satisfies your preferences. The Mega Hamock by Hummingbird Hamocks was a neat idea turned into an interesting product. The website even states, “Hummingbird Hamocks strives to put modern and creative twists on hammocks in a way that emphasis’s quality and functionality.”


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