Best Foods to Cook While Camping

Best Foods to Cook While Camping

Summer is in full swing. Now is the best time to shake out the tent, find the camping gear, and dust off our hiking shoes! Eating around the campfire always recalls our best childhood memories. Food is somehow extra tasty and special when it’s cooked outside after a long, hectic day of running around in the woods.

Here’s a round-up of some of the favorite foods to cook at the camp site:

  • Roasted corn on the cobis always a good bet because it’s luscious and can be prepared very easily. You can toss the ears with their husks on the grill. Turn them every so often and don’t worry about some of the blackened outer layers. Fold down a small piece of the husk to test the tenderness of the kernels. When it’s prepared, just fold the husk downwards and slather with olive oil or butter, pepper and salt, or maybe some cayenne pepper.
  • Roasted potato is always a favorite. You can wrap whole potatoes in foil and bury them into the coals of your fire, or cut them up with onions, add a bit of oil, and wrap them in a foil cover to roast them on top of the grill. The same idea works really well with pears and apples and even plums and peaches.
  • Boiling is another good cooking method, which can easily be done in a small pot, or you can use a percolator or a coffee pot. Couscous and oatmeal are great over a fire. Rice is also fine, although it often take a while to boil. When it comes to coffee, French press is possibly the best method if you are specific about brewing. If you love something a bit grizzlier, campfire coffee in a percolator will certainly offer a bit more of a wilderness experience.
  • When it comes to breakfast, biscuitsare definitely the best over a campfire. Mix all your dry ingredients in a sealable, big plastic bag before you leave. When you’re all set to cook them, don’t forget to add the wet ingredients and then knead the dough in the bag. Use a flat piece of foil as a baking sheet on the top of the grill. The bag method also works great for pancake batter, which can be squeezed out of the bag onto a skillet.
  • There are a plenty of foods that you can simply pre-cook and freezeat home, making your cooking quite easy at the campsite. Keeping frozen chili in Tupperware makes the meal easy to keep cold and can eventually be heated up in a pot when you are ready for the dinner.
  • Lastly, the stick foods. Never underestimate the value of the classic. Roasted marshmallows and veggie dogs are always a favorite. If you want to get a more artistic, put together some veggie kabobs. For this, you can also use skewers instead of roasting sticks.

With all this delectable food, you are sure to develop a real taste for wood smoke. And if everything else fails, there’s always a jelly and peanut butter sandwich!


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