Freshwater Fishing – What Gear Do You Need?

Oh, to be out on the lake, listening to the sounds of wildlife around you, waiting for the fish to bite— nothing beats fishing. It’s a great way to relieve stress and possibly spend time with family. It’s a sport that creates memories. But when just starting out, you will need to get some freshwater fishing gear so that you are totally prepared when out there on that beautiful lake.

There are different types of fresh water fishing, so you’ll want to know what method you’ll be using before you go out and buy your gear. Remember, you can always buy gear that works with more than one method.

Float Fishing


This is a method that doesn’t require too much gear to start. You’ll mostly just need a good rod and reel. I use this South Bend Spinning combo. It’s a 7-ft. 2 piece rod with a ball bearing real and graphite spool. It comes with a pre-spooled 55 reel line which is perfect for a beginning fisherman.

You’ll also need some hooks, shot (weights), and floats. Usually you can get these small items at any local tackle shop, but you could also take a few good floats with you to the lake just in case.


This is another type of fresh water fishing, but here you don’t need a lot of tackle. You just need a rod and reel, some line, and a hook. A good rod and reel for this type of fishing is the Daiwa D-Shock. This has a smooth reel and a fast retrieve. The reel has a two-ball bearing and an infinite anti-reverse spool.


This is another name for bottom fishing and a great method for catching catfish. A good rod and reel for this type of fishing is the Eagle Claw Troll Combo. This kit come with a pre-spooled reel and has the right type of line for legering. It offers a secure grip and aluminum oxide guides.

When legering you’ll also need heavier weights than you do with floating, and your rod will need a heavier sinking line if it’s not made especially for this type of fishing. A good set of weights to consider is the Eagle Claw Split shot sinkers.

he line � because legering means casting heavier weights than floating you need a higher breaking strain line up to 3Kg (6Lb) and 100m (110 Yards) of line will be enough to cover most conditions. Also the line you get needs to be a sinking line.

Lure Fishing

When you want to go after perch, bass or pike, you need to go for lure fishing. You can try this with a telescopic fishing rod. This sort of rod id pretty cool because it’s essentially a retractable fishing pole. When you’re lure fishing you need a long rod, and this retractable rod helps you change sizes depending on the depth of the water you’re fishing in. It’s made of a special carbon with a max length of 10.8 feet. The rod is a stiff graphite which helps when reeling in big fish.


As far as lures go, you just have to find the lure that works for you and the waters you are fishing in. A good place to start is with the Rapala Rattlin lure or the snag-proof frog lure. You can even purchase several lures and then switch them out as you fish. Sometimes one lure works better than another depending on the time of day, the water temperature, or even the flow of the water.




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