Gear You Need To Start Ice Fishing

Ice fishing can be an enjoyable sport, but you need to have the right equipment to get started. Even for the veteran anglers, ice fishing poses serious challenges when it comes to choosing the right gear. It is very important for ice fishers to be familiar with the gear they need to bring ice fishing.

Here is the checklist of the ice-fishing gear that ensures you do not forget to bring the gear you need to enjoy a successful and safe fishing trip:

Fishing License

A fishing license is issued by the state department of fish and game. Each state has its own specifications for getting a fishing license, but most require a person to pass a written test and pay a licensing fee. The procedure is generally very affordable and easy. Anyone caught fishing without a fishing license is subject to penalties and even jailtime.

Ice Fishing rod 

An ice fishing rod is generally very short, measuring about 24 to 36 inches. The rod is short because ice fishing is usually done through a small hole cut into the ice above the body of water. Ice fishers do not cast like other fishers, so they do not need to use a long rod. The construction is pretty simple as compared to the other types of fishing rods. Most ice-fishing rods are spinning-type rods made from the composite material. Ice-fishing rods are designed for use with ice-fishing reels and are usually sold in combination with a matching ice-fishing reel. Some individuals still use conventional ice fishing rods made of stiff wood. These rods feature two to four fishing line guides, accompanied with two hooks at the base of the rod making sure that the fishers can easily hand wind the fishing line.


Ice fishing reels 

Ice fishing reels are used with ice-fishing rods, which are often made from the composite materials. These reels fit into one of three major categories: spinning reels, spincasting reels, and baitcasting reels. Spinning reels work best with the light-duty fishing line and feature high gear ratios. They are pretty easy to use and are best for catching small fish. Spincasting reels have a closed design, which shields the line from damage and from binding in the cold weather. They are well-suited for catching small to medium-sized fish. Baitcasters are generally the most expensive reels and they allow fishers to exploit more line and feature fast gearing.


Rod Holders 

Rod holders are used by ice fishers to keep the ice fishing rod in place. Ice fishing requires patience, and ice fishers may not get a fish to bite for a long time. Rod holders allow the ice fishers to set the rod down occasionally.



A skimmer is utilized by ice fishers to remove icy slush and other debris from the ice-fishing hole.

Tackle Box 

A tackle box is used by ice fishers to store several different types of equipment, such as fishing licenses, lures, flashers, flashlights, GPS units, needle nose pliers, lake maps, nail clippers and other gear.


Live Bait

Ice fishers use live bait to catch fish. The most common types of live bait are minnows and grubs.


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