Advanced BMX Biking – Top 5 BMX Chains for your Bike by KMC

Not everyone can say they have a wicked BMX bike but, because you have one, ensuring it lasts for many years to come is an important step to take. If you want to ride farther and harder without worrying about a breaking bike chain, consider upgrading your bike chain with the latest chains by KMC. With KMC bike chains, you can ensure reliability and quality from start to finish.

KMC has been around for quite some time now in the BMX and general biking industries and has proven to be one of the most reliable bike parts suppliers today. If you have been considering a new set of chains for your bike, check out for the latest BMX biking chains.

Top 5 KMC BMX Biking Chains on Amazon

KMC Z410 Bicycle Chain



The KMC Z410 Bicycle Chain is an entry-level chain suitable for heavy bike use. The 1-speed, ½ by 1/8-inch chain has a hard finish designed for smooth riding and a rust-resistant nickel plating. For $11.68 USD, this chain is the most basic, yet reliable BMX chain appropriate for extreme conditions.  This reliable bike chain is ideal for the biker on a budget.

KMC K810 BMX Chain



If you want the ultimate mix of performance and value, add the KMC K810 BMX Chain to your cart. With the rated price of $15.50 USD on Amazon, this single speed bike chain has a rated tensile strength of more than 500 lbs, making it capable of handling semi-hard tricks.  With its sturdy construction, this chain fits most BMX models as the chain is about ½” by 3/32” by 112L. Don’t let the simple silver and black scheme fool you – this BMX biking chain is killer.

KMC Z510 Bicycle Chain



The KMC Z510 Bicycle Chain serves BMX enthusiasts fond of high performance in style. This 1-Speed 1/8 112L bike chain easily handles the strain of speed and tricks. For only $17.29 USD, this mid-level competitive BMX chain features a rated tensile strength of over 1,200 Kg. Simply put, this chain performs with hardcore use. When considering an upgrade to your BMX chain, keep the Z510 in mind as a reliable buy with unbeatable price and performance.

KMC HL710 Single Speed Bicycle Chain




The KMC HL710 Single Speed Bicycle Chain is a semi-professional, entry-level bicycle chain. For BMX biking in general, a good chain determines the entire outcome of your experience and the HL710 ensures a smooth performance. This 1-speed ½” by 1/8” by 95L bike chain sports a rust-proof nickel plating. Interested buyers can find this chain available on Amazon for $18.40 USD.




If you feel like investing a little extra into your BMX biking chain, consider the KMC K710SL. This lightweight yet durable bike chain provides amazing traction promising optimal performance with every push of the pedal. For only $23.62 USD, it guarantees effortless bike tricks and rest assured that it is one of the most reliable BMX chains on the market right now..


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