The Basics of a Successful Camping Trip

Drive over the hill, towards that gorgeous sunset, and you see them – the big RVs and campers, the small cars with roof top packing, the pickup trucks with camper tops and piled up bikes, fishing poles and tents. You can tell camping season is here. And whatever way you camp you can see that it takes some preparation. So to help you have a pleasant experience, we’ve put together a few preparation ideas that will make your trip fun and easy to manage.

The Campsite

Before choosing a campsite for its beauty, you got to remember what’s important to you. Sure that campsite way up in the woods may be cool, but is there running water? If not, you’ll need to bring enough water along? Then you’ ll also need to think about electricity. Will you need it? Commercial campsites are always a good starting point, and these places have additional amenities like playgrounds, pools, and games. When you want this type of campsite, look for the sign that indicates a nearby KOA campsite.  Of course, national, state and county parks offer a lot of interesting activities too. These usually involve natural activities, but also include fun restaurants and outdoor areas.

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 Pack Right

You’ll need all the right kind of gear when you go camping. But you can’t place this stuff in a suitcase, and won’t fit in a backpack either. Pack your towels, food, clothes, toiletries and cooking gear in large plastic bins. This will keep everything dry but will also keep your food safe from wildlife. And yes, even large commercial campsites have cats and raccoons.

Food and Cooking

Cooking over a campfire is a favorite activity for everyone. However, a cook really needs to plan ahead to make this fun, otherwise, it can be very frustrating. You’ll want to plan your food in advance so you don’t limit yourself to hot dogs and hamburgers. Aluminum foil can be essential on a camping trip, just make sure you buy the heavy duty type, as this can also function to hold food on its own. Take as many disposable utensils and plates as you can. Be sure to take a camp stove but by the same token, you’ll want to take some kind of table or shelving area so you can have a kitchen work area.

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What to Do When Tent Camping?

Sleeping on the ground is not as much fun for adults as it is for kids. Get an under the sleeping bag mat or an air mattress. And if you do carry an air mattress you’ll need three blankets for each bed; one under the mattress to protect it: one on top to add warmth to the mattress and one to cover yourself.

RV Camping

Deciding to rent an RV for your camping trip can be fun, but before you leave you want to make sure you know how every feature works. You want to know where the hot water is, how the lights work, how the table unfolds and how the kitchen works. You also want to make sure you fill the propane tanks and that the septic tank is empty.

 Cabin Camping

Cabins have inexpensive foam mattresses so you’ll want to purchase a mattress pad or take an inflatable mattress with you to add a bit more comfort. You’ll also need to investigate to see what linens are available.

All in All

Camping is lots of fun but you need to be prepared, and even forgetting something as simple as the bug spray can make for a horrible experience. The easiest way to prepare is to make a list a couple of weeks before you go on that great camping trip and write things down as you think of them.



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