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The Best Adventure Jobs: The Job That Isn’t a Job at All

I truly believe in the “Work Balance” concept. This is the idea that your work should be incorporated into the rest of your life – not something you hate, but something you truly love. Because of this belief, I’ve embarked on a mission to find the jobs that best embody this concept, and for outdoor people like me, this involves a job that takes you outside – the job that takes you on that adventure you’ve always dreamed of. With any of these jobs, you can enjoy the lifestyle you love while earning the money you need.  The following list details different types of outdoor job options you can explore:

An Outdoor Sport or Travel Guide

No matter what your sport or outdoor passion is, there is a job out there where you can help others see the same beauty that you see, whether this is skiing, hiking, whitewater rafting or climbing.  You are the expert in the field so there is no reason why you should not share your knowledge with others. As a guide, you get to experience the same things the vacationer’s experience, but better still, you gain even more experience and get paid for it. Just be sure that when you do land that great guide job, you take enough gear with you for the time you’ll be there.  Make sure you carry a good set of strong hiking boots and proper outer wear for all of those treks.

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A Journalist

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Most people think of a journalist, as someone who sits behind a desk. But if you ask national geographic, they will tell you something different. An outdoor or adventure journalist is one that treks off to jungles and foreign worlds, someone who brings that story back from areas of the world that are less frequented and shares it with everyone else.

This is a job where you live out of your backpack and your most treasured items are your laptop and your camera. It’s about this job that you can report and tell the stories of others. You can tell the tales of great adventure and of exotic places.

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A Documentary Filmmaker

Sure this may be a job where you spend hours on a computer editing film, but you have to get that film in the first place, and that takes traveling to exotic locations, going where very few other people go, trekking up mountains and through valleys.  As an adventure filmmaker, you can follow athletes on their expeditions or travel to indigenous areas and film the stories of the tribes that live there. You can live the life of an adventurer working this kind of job.

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Hot Air Balloon Pilot

If you like going to balloon festivals, and watching the hot air balloon pilots taking guests up to see the most spectacular view on earth, you might be able to find a job doing the thing you love most. Actually, it’s relatively easy to get involved in ballooning. All you have to do is meet a hot air balloon pilot and ask to help out. You can help with the inflation or deflation of the balloon. Plus there are a lot of companies out there that offer this service. You can contact them and ask for a job helping out, then gradually grow into a pilot position. Just be aware that most balloon rides happen at dawn or dusk when the wind is the calmest.

Park Ranger

There are hundreds of large state parks across the nation, and during the peak months, they hire people to help guests and to ensure that park regulation are followed. These are some of the most beautiful and peaceful parks in the nation, and a park ranger gets to see it all. Even better than that – you get paid for it.  Being a park ranger is probably one of the most fun and lucrative jobs you can have.  For instance, a climbing ranger makes an average salary of over $40,000.

Trail Guide

Many of the oldest and largest ranches in the country have opened their lands to vacation guests. People get to go on trail rides, overnight camping trips and more. They get to see some of the most spectacular scenery in the world on horseback, and you can be their guide.

Of course, to become a trail guide you need to be a horseman, but you also need certification. Several companies offer this special certification, and in some cases, the hiring ranch might even pay for the certification.

Bottom Line

Working in an adventure related job is the perfect job for many people because it just doesn’t feel like work. As a climber once said, “The taxpayer’s money pays me to go climbing. What better job could there be.” It just takes a little research to find the right adventure job, but with all the job boards available on the Internet, finding that dream job is easier than ever.


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