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The Best Fixed Gear Bikes for Beginners Available Online

Fixed gear bikes have made a huge comeback the past several year’s thanks to a bunch of fixed bike riders all over the world sharing their great experiences online. If you know how to ride a bike and you are looking for a great outdoor activity that is both healthy and worthwhile, fixed gear bikes can be a great option.

Finding an entry-level fixed gear bike is very easy, especially if you don’t value the parts included. If you are looking to buy a cheap, entry-level fixie bike, expect poor performance out of it. However, if you want to own an enthusiast-recommended, fixed gear bike suitable for first timers, you might want to check this list of amazing fixed gear bikes we have featured below.

Compared to the other entry-level fixed gear bikes that you can get from online stores such as Amazon, these featured fixed gear bikes are truly roadworthy and very reliable. If you value your safety and well-being while enjoying the experience, we strongly recommend that you check out these products.

Most-Recommended Fixed Gear Bikes

Windsor Clockwork

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The Windsor Clockwork is one of the best entry-level fixed gear bikes for people who are on a very tight budget. This track-style fixie bike is built to provide a smooth and seamless ride thanks to above-average construction materials that come with this bike. For the price of $269.95, this fixed gear bike is a must-have bike if it is within your budget. Otherwise, keep looking because there are still a lot of better options out there.

Motobecane Track

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Another notable option for entry-level fixed gear bikes is the Motobecane Track fixie bike. For the price of $279.99, you will get a single-speed, fixed gear bike that is built with above-average materials for a much smoother and comfortable biking experience. Designed for beginners, this entry-level fixie bike is truly one of the best choices in this price range, especially if you want above-average parts on your ride. If you want more performance and quality, you will have to shell out some extra cash.

Jamis Beatnik 57cm Steel Urban Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike

The Jamis Beatnik Urban Fixed Gear Bike is a must-have bike if your budget is a little larger. For the sale price of $319.97 on eBay, you will get a fixed gear bike made with quality materials from the frame to the chain set. If you are looking for a really suitable fixie bike that is built with better materials, the Jamis Beatnik 57cm Steel Urban Fixed Gear Single Speed Bike is one of the best options you can get for the price range.

Mercier Kilo TT

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The Mercier Kilo TT is one of the most recommended fixed gear bikes for beginners due to the quality of components that comes with the fixie bike as well as its other features. For the price of $399.95, you will get free rear brakes as a bonus. If you like a fixed gear bike that comes with versatile features to guarantee a seamless biking experience without sacrificing comfort and reliability, the Mercier Kilo TT is an amazing purchase.

Mercier Kilo TT PRO

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The Mercier Kilo TT PRO is what we would call a great valued option at the $400 price point. For the same price as the Mercier Kilo TT, you will get professional grade materials that can make your first bike ever your favorite bike of your life. It comes with pro-grade forged aluminum Sugino Track Crankset, Custom Alex SUB 30mm V-Aero Section Wheelset worth $350, plus more – this bike is really worth it. If you are looking for a better value for your money and you don’t mind not having a free set of rear brakes, the Kilo TT PRO is by far the more superior product out of the two. If you can afford this fixed gear bike, do not hesitate on buying it. Go for it!

Mercier Kilo WT

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The Mercier Kilo WT is yet another worthy option coming from Mercier. This fixed gear bike comes with Reynolds 520 fixed gear, pro-grade aluminum track crank set(130 BCD), as well as a professional-level wheel set that costs over $400. For the price of $449.95, you will get one of the finest fixed gear bikes straight out of the box. If you are looking for a perfect entry-level fixed gear bike that’s packed with high-quality features and components, the Mercier Kilo WT is one of the best for this price range.

Fuji Track Classic

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For people who want to play it safe and would like to purchase a fixed-gear bike that is popular worldwide, the Fuji Track Classic is the perfect choice for you. For the price of $489, you will get a high-quality fixie bike that is available in different sizes to accommodate your needs. The Fuji Track Classic comes with custom-built frame, fork, and other materials to maximize speed and efficiency. For the price and performance, the Fuji Track Classic is worth every dollar spent.

Fuji Feather

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The Fuji Feather is yet another quality fixed-gear bike from Fuji that offers superior quality and reliability. For the price of $554, you will get a fixie bike specifically designed for city riding. The Fuji Feather comes with lightweight yet heavy-duty components on every part so you can rest assured that you are riding one of the best fixed-gear road bikes available. If you are willing to spend this much money on a fixed gear bike, it is more than safe to say that the Fuji Feather is one of the best-fixed gear bikes you can get today. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can always consider the products listed above to perfectly match your budget. Just remember that the Fuji Feather is a truly great option, especially if you can afford it.




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