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The Best Knives for Camping

Ropes, threads and wild animals – who knows what you will come across while your camp. If you run into any of the above-mentioned things, a good knife can always help you out. Many campers say that one can never have enough knives. The world of knives is large and once you put your hands on one you will be hungry for more. Here we are sharing a list of some of the best knives for camping. You might want to take all of them along with you.

Gerber Gator:

A fillet, flexible, grippy, thin and sharp knife, the Gerber Gator comes with an integrated ceramic sharpener in its sheath. Its sharp blade is very long lasting.

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Bahco Laplander:

This folding saw model is the most famous of them all. Branches, bones, small limbs – its sharp zig-zag teeth eat whatever comes its way. Laplander has the most positive reviews from campers. Unlike other folding saw-toothed knives, the Laplander has never failed them. It’s specially designed, coated teeth even cut both ways.

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The Gut Hook:

You grip it in your fingers and it is ready to use. The blades are razor sharp and also replaceable. As its name suggests, its purpose is to split the skin of an animal in the gutting process by hooking on the skin and slicing as you pull it along. The small hook-shaped tip opens the abdomen of the animal without nicking the muscles.

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The Skinner:

This is the most popular blade shape in use today. The unsharpened back edge runs from the handle bar and ends on halfway up the knife. The cutting parts can be curved or straight. It is known for its sharp and controlled tip and considered good for piercing.

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The Breasting Knife:

The goose and duck breasting knife is used to separate breast meat from the breastbone. No other knife does the job better than the breast knife. Manufacturers know the importance of breast meat, which is why they designed the knife dedicated to such tasks.

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The Kitchen Knife:

With a kitchen knife, you generally cut cooking ingredients such as vegetables. When you go out on camping, you need a basic kitchen knife for slicing and dicing. You can pick any normal knife that you use in your kitchen on a daily basis.

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The Saltwater Knife:

This knife is made of alloy which never rusts no matter how long you bang it around. Its blade is made up of H-1 steel and cuts shrimps easily for surf fishing.

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The Invasion Knife:

This knife is for all-around survival. It is a complete tool to take along on camping trips. Heavy duty, rough and tough, and hard-core are just a few words to describe this knife. You can say that it is the best tool for every camper.

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