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When is the Best Time to Hunt Deer?

For many people, deer hunting is a passion and a great pastime. It is one that is often passed down from father to son and offers a great activity you can share together. If you have never hunted, or if you just need a few pointers we have some tips to make your next hunt more successful.

Deer have a distinct advantage as they can easily hide in the forests and can often be almost impossible to find.

Time of Year

The time of the year when deer are the most active is during the mating and breeding season, especially the few weeks and days that lead up to this time. That’s when deer become very active and are easy to spot, which makes it an easier time to hunt. This is usually during the fall months.

Time of the Month

As strange as it may sound, but deer are actually more active depending on the phases of the moon. In fact, many animals seem to be in tune with the moon’s position and change their behavioral patterns accordingly. When the moon is full, deer are more active. So by following the moon cycles you can, you’re your deer hunt much more successful.

Time of Week

The day of the week you Hunt on will also affect your Success Rate

On weekends you’ll probably encounter other hunters who are also trying to track deer. This may distract both you and the deer. So it is best to go during the week if you can; this will help you avoid noisy crowds which may interfere with your activities. Another thing to mention is that it is better to go to places in the woods other hunters don’t go, providing these areas allow for hunting, you may have a better chance of getting the deer you want.

Time of Day

Deer’s remain in their lair for much of the day, so if you are impatient they will be very difficult to see when they do come out to forage. Often they rest about an average of sixteen hours a day. They are most active at dawn and dusk, which is the time that they come out of their dens to forage for food. One thing you should know; when you go hunting for deer, you should always remain as silent and still as possible, because they are able to hear sounds hundreds of times better than humans.


So what type of equipment should you take when hunting deer? Well, that really depends? If hunting deer you’ll need a large caliber rifle; one powerful enough to take down a 200-pound buck.  The most versatile weapon you can use is a shotgun which can handle different types of targets. Something like a Mossberg 500 combo shotgun will do well. As this offers more than one barrel which allows you to use the shorter length barrel for smaller game and a longer one for deer.

Deer Hunting Clothing

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Be sure to use good gear; that which is appropriate for the time of year you are hunting in. Be sure you dress for the outdoors; use layers which you can take off when you get hot. Use strong, and waterproof walking boots. Just make sure they are also comfortable.  When deer hunting makes sure your clothes are soft; this way they won’t make noise and will keep you warm and dry.

Happy Hunting!

The best tips for a successful hunt involve your relying on the calendar and the full moon schedules. Another wise thing to do is to consult experienced hunters in your locality as they might have valuable information to share with you. So work out what the best time to hunt in your area and happy hunting!


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