Best Ways to Stay Hydrated While Hiking

If being one with nature is your sort of thing, you probably know that nature can be very unforgiving at times. So if you’re going out hiking on a scorching hot day, don’t forget to bring along the equipment that will keep you hydrated:

Hydration Pack

Whether that is hot and dry can cause your body to lose up to 2 quarts of fluid in just an hour. To prevent dehydration from sneaking up on you, drink lots of water. A good hydration pack is invaluable for any serious outdoor aficionado. With this pack, you’ll be literally carrying water on your back and won’t even have to bother with water bottles.  At $33.90, Ledge Sports Gooseberry Hydration Pack is a notable product in its field. It can hold 1.5 Land has reflective taping for night-time visibility, as well as a front pocket for an MP3 player or iPod.




Lightweight Boots

The more effort you exert, the faster you’ll lose water, especially on a dry day. That’s why it’s important to wear light and comfortable hiking boots like Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator Multisport Shoes ($56.32 – $140.33). The Moabs are designed to be lightweight and very breathable. They also have excellent traction and will help you through difficult obstacles with ease.




Sun Hat

Protect your head from the heat with a quality sun hat. Columbia Men’s Coolhead Cachalot Hat ($37.95) is one of the best buys out there. Its specially designed fabric provides superior ventilation and UV ray protection. It also has a back flap to keep the sun from scorching the nape of your neck.




Portable Air Cooler

Some outdoorsy people frown at bringing gadgets with them when hiking, but we live in the Digital Age and you can’t ignore that there is technology out there that can be quite handy on a hot day. The Handy Cooler is a hand-held cooling fan that can bail you out whenever the sun gets too hot to handle. This battery-operated fan and mini air-conditioner can cool air down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit and bring instant comfort to a tired hiker. At $54, it just might be worth it.








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