The Bounty of Fall Fishing

I sit quietly on the water.

Waiting for that special moment.

The moment that makes waking up so early worth it.

The solitude, the view of the rising sun and the possibility of a good catch, that’s what keeps me fishing.

Lots of people love to fish, and they get their gear ready for spring and summer fishing, but really, you’d be surprised to know that the best time for fishing – in my opinion – is actually the fall. And I can give you more than a few reasons for that.

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Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It’s cooler and it’s the time when the leaves change colors, and everything just looks serene and a little nostalgic, a time of change. Skiers and winter sports aficionados are gearing up for the season, but still not out and about. You also don’t have to worry about other irritations like gnats and mosquitoes. The cool night weather has taken care of getting rid of those. Besides, you have less competition during this colder time of the year. The best reason, however, to fish during the fall is because the fish use this season to prepare for the long cold days of winter. This is when they start storing fat for those lean winter days. During winter, their metabolism becomes slower so they eat less. That makes this the perfect time for fishing, so grab as many of these precious opportunities as you can.

Here are some tips to make the best out of this season:

Research the Weather and Lunar Schedule

You don’t have to be a meteorologist or astronomer for this, but knowing the weather and the different phases of the moon, can give your fishing trip a huge advantage. Every good fisherman knows that the best time to fish is during dawn or dusk. This is the time when fish are feeding. Actually, there are four periods in the day are considered the best points: dawn, dusk and when the moon rises. You have about 90 minutes (45 minutes before and after) to take advantage of these times. A good time for fishing is also when a storm is brewing, just after one has hit.  Some fishermen are actually crazy about lunar phases so you might want to educate yourself on that as well.

Fight the Cold

It is a lot cooler to fish during the fall so don’t ruin your day by constantly freezing. Buy a pair of good fingerless gloves and a fishing vest too if you like.

Get a new Line

 What’s the best way to start the fall fishing season? By spooling up a new line. Some change their line annually; others do it every other week. It depends on the amount of fishing you do. However, a new line is important, as you may have already put too much stress on your old one, and this one aspect may make you go home without even starting the season.

Use the Right Hook

Using gang hooks is a great idea, and this applies to every season. This is especially true if you use live bait like worms. These are two (or three) small hooks that are tied together. With this kind of hook, your worms look natural.  You can make them yourself, or if you don’t want to be bothered, you can buy them in this formation. Note you want to check the regulations in your fishing area first, as some states ban the use of gang hooks.

The above work for me all the time. I think I catch more fish during the fall than I do at any other time of the year. Just be sure you take a good shell jacket, some warm gloves and don’t forget a protective fishing hat. It may be cool out but that sun can still do some skin damage.


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