Camping Backpack: What kind of Camping Boots Do I Need?

You don’t have to be a wilderness expert to go hiking in the woods, but you do need a few basics. You need specific outdoor clothing to protect you from the elements and you must know what to take with you in that great new backpack. It is your responsibility to ensure you have a safe hike and the first place you want to start is with your hiking boots.

These are probably the most important item on your list. After all, a good pair of hiking boots will keep you walking for a longer period of time, and they’ll keep you comfortable and safe throughout your trip. But which should you choose? The truth is that not all hiking boots are the same, so we’ve hand-picked a few of the top contenders so you can make an informed decision.


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If you’re a stickler for comfort, you’ll certainly want to look at my favorite choice, the Lowa Women’s Renegade Pro Goretex Mid Hiking Boot. This light and comfortable boot feel more like a shoe than a boot. LOWA boots have been favored by hikers all over the world for a number of years.  Considered the finest boots in the world, these boots are handcrafted with superior materials and design elements. They are durable, easy to clean and offer excellent performance.  The Lowa Goretex Mid Hiking boot is no different.  Made of the finest Nubuck leather and attached to a sturdy and thick Vibram Sole, these Goretex mid hiking boots will keep you walking for hours on end.

Need Added Support?

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When support is an issue, you’ll want a boot with good structure, especially if you are carrying heavy backpacks over long distances.  In this case, I suggest you take a look at the Women’s Asolo Drifter Gv Boot. While these may have synthetic uppers, they do have a nice breathable textile, but more importantly, that sole offers great arch support and a lot of stability compared to lighter hiking boots.  Even so, these Asolo’s don’t add too much weight. They are just a bit stiffer, which is a good thing when carrying some weight.


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If you’re going to spend more than $100 on hiking boots, you certainly want them to last, don’t you? However, durability is a bit tricky. Usually, light-weight boots don’t tend to last as long as the heavier boots. But you buy these because they are lighter on your feet, right?

If durability is a real issue, then look no further than the Asolo TPS 520GV. These are actually the most durable women’s hiking boots around, and they will last for years.

Bottom Line

In the end, you’ll find that there are lots of good boots out there. However, choosing the perfect pair for your outing depends on where you’re going, how long you’ll be hiking and the type of boot you really like.


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