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Camping Essentials: What Equipment Do I Need To Cook While Camping?

Have you ever attempted to cook something while camping, and it ended up burnt, undercooked, or just completely not what you planned? Well, this usually happens to campers who use the incorrect cooking equipment. Many campers use cooking equipment from their kitchens at home, which will not give you the well-cooked food that you’re hoping for. While designated outdoor cooking equipment will produce great campfire meals. There are a few cooking essentials you should always consider bringing with you if you plan on preparing and eating a few good meals during your camping experience.

First of all, you will need a portable campfire grill grate. This will help you cook just about anything without having to hold the pot or pan the entire time, and it’ll allow you to cook more than one thing at a time as well (depending on how big your grate is). Ideally, your campfire grill grate should be adjustable, so you can always ensure well-cooked food depending on the height of the flame.

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Next, you’re going to need something to cook in. Depending on what you plan on cooking will determine which type of pans you need to bring. However, regardless of which kind of pan you cook in, you will need cast-iron cookware. These can be used for campfire cooking because the iron can handle the heat from the fire. Stainless steel or metal pans used in the kitchen cannot take the heat of an open fire. With cast-iron cookware, you will avoid any potential hazards and disappointments. Remember to bring heat resistant gloves because the cast-iron gets extremely hot!

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Make your meals even tastier by cooking with heavy-duty aluminum foil. When you don’t need a pan to cook (potatoes, burgers, corn on the cob), try wrapping your food with aluminum foil, and cook it right on the grate. You could even wrap your food with aluminum foil while still in a pan for messy items; this might even eliminate washing the pan afterward. Aluminum foil will help the food cook properly because it will protect the outside or skin from burning while ensuring that the inside will be thoroughly cooked (this is especially true for items that take a while to look like baked potatoes.)

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If you are new to camping, or not experienced in igniting campfires, consider bringing a few lighters for backup. It can be really hard to start a campfire, especially if you’ve never done it before. Starting a campfire during wet seasons is also complicated for anyone. If you don’t want to risk being stuck in an uninhabited area without a source of lighting your campfire, bring a few lighters with you.

Campfire meals are delicious when prepared properly. Now, all you need is a campfire cookbook, or you can just prepare the classics: hamburgers, hotdogs, etc. Regardless of what you cook, whenever you plan on having a campfire meal, always make sure you are equipped with the proper gear!

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