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Camping Essentials: What Equipment Do I Need to Cook While Camping?

You want to experience nature, be outdoors, and sleep under the stars; and the best way to do that is by going on a camping trip. That’s a great idea, but one of the most important things that you need to remember is the food. You might not really like a survivalist diet of berries and nuts. So the following are a few suggestions that you can use to decide what best to take with you on your trip.

First off, you really need to know whether you are walking or hiking most of the way or whether you are driving to a designated camp spot. Obviously, car camping is easier, not to mention the fact that you can take a lot more equipment and food with you. Camping sites also have water sources so you do not have to worry about that.

For your meals, there are two main types of things to bring; food and the stuff with which to make the food.

Cooking Essentials

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The most important thing every camper needs when going on a campout, and one of the items that are most easily forgotten is the matchbox. Do not forget the matches, ever.  But you’ll also need a few other essentials like:

  • A Stove:

    You need a source of heat and fire, which means a stove and fuel. There are several varieties to choose from:

  • A Camp Stove

This uses three main types of liquid; kerosene, gas or alcohol. They require a lot of maintenance.

  • A Compressed Gas Stove

These are easy to light and use, but they don’t work too well in cold temperatures. Both the stove and fuel are lightweight which is an important factor when you are going to lug it around.

  • A Solid Fuel Stove

These burn wood or flammable pellets. They are easy to start and maintain.

Or you could even go all natural and make an actual campfire.

  • Pots and Pans

You’ll need at least one of each, and more depending on what you are fixing and the number of people on the trip.

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  • Utensils

Cups, forks, knives and stuff like that. These can even be used for measuring, for serving and eating. Just make sure plates and bowls are durable, made of strong hard-wearing plastic or stainless-steel.

  • Cleaning materials

Be sure to bring soap, a scouring sponge and a dishtowel or two. It can be a pain to try and wash dishes when you don’t have the appropriate cleaning materials.

Don’t forget the aluminum foil and plastic wrap. This can help keep your food safe from insects and other stuff.

Camp Food

You want to choose the food you take camping carefully. Take foods that are protein-rich and filled with energy, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Foods such as energy bars, crackers, sausages, sandwiches, oatmeal, nuts, dried food, peanut butter, noodles and tinned foods are always well received when out on a camping trip. If you are going to be gone for several days you can also take tuna, chicken, rice, potatoes or eggs. These can easily be stored in a cooler bag.

For drinks, you should pack powdered milk, tea bags, coffee sachets, sugar, juice or powdered juice and perhaps a water purification device if needed. Check the facilities at the campsite to see if there will be clean water available or if you need to bring your own.

Get Ready to Go Camping

A couple of days before you hit the road, you’ll want to make sure you prepare your camping gear and get ready to have the adventure of a lifetime. Just be sure to get the groceries.


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