Carl Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars – One of the Best!

I have tried many different binoculars, most of which worked decently but lasted for two years at best before the glass became too scratched. I was wondering if the ideal pair of binoculars would ever be on the market until I finally found Victory RF Binoculars!! Carl Zeiss Victory RF Binoculars (10 X 45 Model) is one of a kind, with exceptional features that outmatch every competitor.





As mentioned earlier, Victory RF Binoculars (10 X 45 Model) has some outstanding features. The 10X magnification captures pictures at a considerable distance. It has a 45-millimeter diameter objective and a 4.5-millimeter exit pupil coupled with 21.2 twilight factor that caters to a wide audience. Its 1300 yard range and a close focus of up to 18 foot make it stand out from any competition. It’s 15.5 mm eye relief with shutters to block excessive light targets your favorite pictures easily, even in broad daylight without eyestrain. With 0.5 seconds measuring time and almost 10,000 hours of battery backup Victory, RF Binoculars is definitely a trendsetter. It measures 5.3 X 6.6 inches and weighs about 35 ounces.

Why are these binoculars the best?

Lightning Fast Digital Laser Rangefinder

Victory RF Binoculars are equipped with a digital laser rangefinder featuring deadly accuracy and lightning speed. After you locate your target, press the rangefinder button once and release. Even if the target is situated 1300 yards away, you will still capture brilliant images. If you hold the rangefinder button for four seconds or more, it enters into a scan mode and will continuously scan the moving target along and measure its distance.

Set Button

Victory RF Binoculars new innovative ballistic information system (BIS) technology can be turned on and off with the help of a set button located at the top of the binoculars. When set button is on, BIS gives you the holdover instructions based on the load, and trajectory of the target. As a result, you will have pin sharp pictures before your eyes. With the help of this set button, you can measure the distance in both meters and yards.

Twilight Performance

Victory RF Binoculars are equipped with 45-millimeter objective lens diameter. With the help of this large 45mm objective more light is allowed inside and you receive better visuals even when you have limited natural light. This enhances the twilight performance of Victory RF Binoculars by at least fifteen percent.

Water Resistant

Lotutec Water Repellent Coating gives Victory RF Binoculars the ability to resist water making it water resistant. Apart from this, the repellent coating also plays an important role in keeping the dust and dirt away from the binoculars.


I have also heard a few people say the price is a little steep, but I think it’s worth every penny. One has to understand that Victory RF Binoculars are premium products meant to last for life. With the kind of features that this binocular offers, the validity of the price are debatable at the very least. Some even consider them the best German-made binoculars ever.


I have already shared all my thoughts and experiences on the Victory RF Binoculars, as well of those from friends and other reviewers. However, before I conclude, I would like to say that I wrote this review to guide all of you trying to find perfect hunting optics and to tell you the Victory RF Binoculars have arrived. The hunt is over!!


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