How To Charge A Camera On A Rafting Trip

White water rafting can be delightful, but you don’t have to live out on that raft. Usually, you have a designated camp site and you either return to the same site in a camp vehicle, or the camp guide changes your camp site while you are rafting.

Obviously, when out there, you will want to take some great pictures, and you’ll want to make sure your camera is water proof, as you’re sure to hit some rough water patches.  So once you take those pictures, how do you recharge your camera?

On some trips, your guide or travel company will offer charging options. However, you want to make sure beforehand, so it may be a good idea to call the camp guide to find out if there are charging options and how busy a charging station is. Remember they will have other more important camp gear items to charge as well.

Charging your camera may seem unimportant now, but once you are out at that rafting camp, it can become a real problem. That’s why you might want to consider taking some type of charging device yourself, so you won’t need to ask for help from your guide.

If you’re still a couple of weeks away from your trip then you still have some shopping time. The following are a few charging ideas and instructions on how to use the different devices. The charging option you choose will depend on the camp location and the time you go out on that trip.

12 Volt DC to AC Converter

Camera Charge-1



In an ideal situation you’ll have two cameras with you, so you can leave one back at the campsite on the charger.  But what type of charger should you use? It depends on your campsite. If your vehicle is there, you can use a DC to AC charger. This is a charger that plugs into a vehicle’s lighter outlet. All you have to do is plug your camera into the battery charging device.

Portable Generator

Camera Charge-2



When there are no permanent vehicles at your campsite, you might want a gas-powered portable generator. All you have to do is fill the tank with gasoline and pull the cord, just like you would any other gas-operated outdoor machine, like a mower or weed eater. Today’s generators are much quieter than those from twenty years ago. You just start it up and connect lights and any other devices you need to charge through the A/C outlets.

Solar Powered Charger

Camera Charge-3



Another less intrusive option is just to use a portable, foldable, outdoor solar-powered charger. You want a charger with enough juice to charge your camera so it’s best to get at least a 14-watt charger. This can charge your camera, your phone and other smaller devices like a tablet. A folding solar charger may even charge two devices simultaneously, provided you buy a quality charger like an Anker. Just unfold the device and plug the camera’s USB cable into the appropriate outlet. This method may take a little longer to give a full charge, but it is certainly an eco-friendly charging method.

As mentioned before, it is in your best interest to carry two cameras or get an additional camera battery. This way you’ll always be prepared for that great photographic moment, and you can leave one camera charging while you use the other.


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