How To Choose The Right Sized Camping Tent

Camping season is here and it’s a beloved summer pastime for many of us. When purchasing a tent, there are a number of aspects that need to be considered. From the type of camping you’ll be doing to the type of weather you’ll be camping in, there are several different factors that will affect the type of tent that’s best for you. This is the reason it becomes important to research all your options in terms of style, size, and materials used. A little research will make sure that you choose a tent that’s ideal for you

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a novice camper, here are a few tips that will help you pick the right sized camping tent to fit your camping needs this summer.

We all know that size matters, so it is important to choose a tent that suits its intended purpose. If you are setting up a family trip, make sure that there’s enough room for every individual to sleep comfortably with all your gear and backpacks inside. On the contrary, if you’re intending a multiple-day backpacking tour, don’t carry a tent that’s too large. The larger your tent is the heavier it will be and every ounce matters on the on long hikes. Also, if you’re setting up your camping tent in cold weather, you won’t want a tent that’s too large for your party. The body heat of two people will fill a small tent with warmth. Put those same two people in a larger camping tent, and with all that additional space, their body heat will disperse.

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Camping tents usually sleep four, six or eight people. Tent names generally include the manufacturer’s maximum suggested number of sleepers. You must choose a model that is based on the size of your group and whether or not you might need some extra space for your friends, dogs or gear. If you want to fit exactly six people in a six-person tent, make sure that there is a vestibule area outside to keep your equipment in. A vestibule is a small space situated at the entrance of your camp. It’s covered by the rain fly but is not considered inside the tent. The vestibule is used to keep your equipment out of the way and out of the elements.

Not all tents contain vestibules, so you can buy the vestibules separately and fasten them to your tent to cover your gear at night. It all depends upon you. However, it is always best to have camped with built-in vestibule option. If your tent doesn’t have a vestibule, you can simply go up a size, from a four person to a six person, for example, to create extra space for the gear. If the cold weather and weight of your tent are not main issues, going up a size will always be more convenient.


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