Choosing the Best Runners Clothing

Whether you train for marathons or just jog around the park, wearing the right clothes will make your running experience sweet and painless.

The following list details some basic features you should look for while choosing your running clothes:

Excellent Ventilation

Excellent ventilation is very important while you are running. This highly aerobic activity requires a high degree of breathability, so ensure your clothing has mesh vents in all those important areas that require ventilation.


Take care to choose the right fabric for comfortable running. Lightweight, moisture-free fabrics should be your priority when it comes to your clothes.


It goes unsaid that you will be most comfortable in clothing that best fits your running needs. Runners clothing should counter all those unrestricted movements while you perform your routines. Go for the tops that stay put while you move. They should have a longer cut so they won’t ride up and sleeves should be designed to support random movements and lift.


Runners’ clothing should have certain reflective materials incorporated into the fabric or attached to the fabric, to improve visibility. This addition is imperative to all those athletes who love to train in the evenings or in the early mornings when it’s still dark. The reflective material will increase the visibility factor and help prevent accidents.

Choosing the Best Runners Clothing

Following are some of the most popular running clothing

Shorts and Tights

Shorts and tights are the most important article of running clothing. Shorts generally feature antimicrobial mesh liners which are capable of reducing odor and fight bacterial growth. These shorts and tights offer ergonomic builds with deep cuts that for easy moment. They have small pockets to keep some of your regular and important stuff such as your car keys, gels, medicine, etc. Shorts also feature venting fabric that allows air circulation at key areas where sweating often occurs, such as, knees and small of your back.


Most of the tops maximize ventilation and breathability. You should choose tops of light to medium weight for better comfort. For cool winters, consider tops with long sleeves and slick thumb holes that cover your hands and keep you warm. Female runners should opt for tops with a shelf-bra that offers essential support.


This type of runners’ clothing is required when dealing with windy outdoor conditions. The running jackets used for trail running or for high cardio activities are made from lightweight materials that have the capability to block the wind. But, you should be careful while buying one of these as there are quite a lot of models available. Each one of them is made to suit different weather conditions. Irrespective of the type of whether they are designed for, you should make sure that they offer breathers along the shoulders and armpits to optimize the breathability.

Gloves and Toques

Runners clothing is incomplete without proper gloves and toques, especially, if you are talking about jogging in cool winters. Gloves and toques help you to stay warm and keep you comfortable during your cool-weather runs. These are normally made of lightweight fabrics and are capable of dealing with moisture effectively to keep your hands and head dry throughout your rigorous sessions. A few models have meshes placed in them strategically to provide enough ventilation. Also, most of these gloves and toques are made of fine fabrics compressible enough to fit in your pockets. It enables you to remove them and stuff in your tights or shorts when you no longer need them, instead of carrying them around on your run.


If you want to jog in extremely cold weather conditions, you may want to get hold of one of these. Though most of them are designed to wear all around the year, they are most popular with runners in extremely cold conditions.

The list above mentions only a few of the most popular runners’ clothing available on the market today. Regardless of the model or color of the runners’ clothing you choose, please make sure they are comfortable to wear and serve their purpose because that’s all that really matters at the end of the day.


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