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How to Clean a Camelbak Hydration Bladder

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The famous Camelbak hydration bottle is the creation of Michael Eidson, a cyclist, who back in 1988 invented a new way of getting the water he needed without having to stop cycling. He came up with a fabulous idea of using an IV bag, filled with water and then using a white tube sock to carry it and secure it to his back.  He then used a small tubing system to drink (this tube worked much like a giant straw.)

Well let’s just say that this rudimentary device may have been the beginning of this company, but the new Camelbak hydrating systems are a combination of high tech and functionality that appeals to a wide range of users.  Consumers use Camelbaks for training, gyms, cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, but many users even take this product to school or work.

There are many types of Camelbak water bottles, but the type we are talking about today is the bladder system. These offer a functional hydrating system you carry on your back, much like a backpack. Flexible tubing runs from the back to the front where the wearer can access the drinking water while on the go.

These water hydration systems are ideal for people who practice fast paced sports and need a way of hydrating themselves without needing to stop their sports routine. Still, there is just one problem the Camelback water system has; how do you clean this system of flexible tubing and inner bladder bag?

This can certainly be a problem because a Camelbak needs to be cleaned frequently to prevent bacteria from growing. The following cleaning method can function well to eliminate about 99.9% of all bacteria.


Don’t worry! It’s really a simple process.


  1. Find the zipper on the canvas part of the hydro pack, unzip it and remove the rubber water bladder. Pull the tubing from the top of the water bladder as you pull the bladder out.


  1. Turn the water faucet on and adjust the temperature until the water is warm, but not hot. Place the water bladder under the faucet and allow the water to run into the bladder until it fills. Turn the bladder over to allow all the water to run out. Repeat the process a couple of times.


  1. Fill the bladder until it is three-quarters full, add a small dollop of liquid dishwashing soap to the bladder. You’ll want to find the brush that came with the bladder. This reservoir brush allows you to brush out the interior walls of the bladder. Insert the brush into the opening and push it along the walls and interior bottom of the water bladder.


  1. Swoosh the liquid around then pour it out and rinse again with clear water two or three times.


  1. Fill the water bladder again and insert a cleaning tablet. These are available for purchase online. You can substitute the cleaning tablet for 1 teaspoon of bleach. Shake the water bladder vigorously for about 60 seconds and then set it aside for a few minutes.


  1. Drain the water out and then rinse with clear water three or four times, or until you no longer see any soap bubbles. Hang the water bladder in a place that has air circulation. Allow to air dry.


AS you can see cleaning a Camelbak is not difficult, it just takes a little care and time, but the system offers great efficiency, so it’s worth taking the extra time to clean out the bladder after every event or camping trip.


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