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Coolest Cooler Review

Ryan Grepper began his Kickstarter campaign with ambitions for a new invention that is geared to put new functions into the average cooler. He named his invention the Coolest Cooler.

When Ryan began his campaign for the Coolest Cooler, his fundraising goal was $50,000. He recently raised over $6 million.

Kickstarter is a platform in which innovators can create their inventions, and post updates in order to fund their project from pledgers who support their ideas, and wish to help make their invention happen.

When the cooler becomes available to everyone around the world, it’s estimated price (in the U.S.) will likely be around $300. Pledges of $185 will be the first ones to receive a Coolest Cooler, and pledges of $395 will receive one of the first coolers along with a dual burner grill.

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So, what makes the Coolest Cooler so cool anyway? Well, it holds many new amenities that are not included with an average cooler. First of all, it contains a removable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker that wirelessly connects to any Smartphone to stream music from up to 30 feet away. The cooler also comes with a rechargeable blender that uses power from the 18-volt battery inside. The cooler contains waterproof LED lights inside, so you can always find what you’re looking for, even in the dark. Next, the cooler has built-in storage compartments for plates and silverware. It also includes a bottle opener and a ceramic knife. Most coolers can be difficult to pull, or they will sink into the ground. The Coolest Cooler is made with wide tires to prevent this from happening. In addition, the cooler has a removable divider inside, so you can easily organize your items. The Coolest Cooler also has the ability to carry some of your other gear with the locking, tie-down bungees, which will securely fasten your gear on the top lid.  Lastly, the cooler has a waterproof USB charger built-in to the back, so you can keep all your electronics charged and ready for use.

The cooler is definitely expensive, but it contains many qualities that will make an outing even more enjoyable than an average cooler would. It’s worth the money since its amenities are valuable. The Coolest Cooler is a great investment for families who are always on the road, or for anyone who just wants to make compact storage easy!


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