The Extreme Boat Cover – A Fit that Will Leave You Pleasantly Surprised


She was my crowning jewel – a gift I had given myself a couple of years ago. She glided across the water like no other, brought joy to the art of fishing like nothing else. I even thought of her as my good luck charm. She was my boat and I loved her dearly and for the last two years she brought joy to my family and me. But now I had no place to put her.

I was mulling this situation over for the entire summer. Did I really want to put her in dry storage? Could I afford it? I think I would have rather sold the boat than lose her because to storage fees.

One day as I was considering my options, I came across this custom boat cover. By now, I had tried a couple of the standard boat covers and they just didn’t seem to get the job done. Dust still got in and I still had to clean the boat before each outing. If that’s what I could expect during the summer months, I knew there was no way a standard cover would withstand the elements of the off season.

In a last ditch effort to save my boat, I found a custom cover made specifically for my boat make and model.  I bought it and didn’t think much of it, but when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. This boat cover was easy to install and fit tightly around my boat. It was made of such durable material that I just knew nothing could rip, tear or blow it off.

I decided to try it for a few months. On a mild day in December I took the cover off to see how she had withstood the first snow – perfect. She was in perfect condition. I knew then that I wouldn’t have to sell my boat. She would still bring us many years of enjoyment.


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