Five of the Best Bike Locks on Amazon for 2017

Back when we were kids, our parents always reminded us to make sure our bikes were safe from bike thieves by using a good lock. Today more bikes are being stolen on a daily basis, making bike locks in high demand. If you’ve recently purchased an expensive bike, invest in this added security.

The beauty about bike locks is that you can find good bike locks regardless of your budget. Today we will tackle the top five most purchased bike locks on Amazon. Prices may vary so choose the best bike lock that suits your budget and preferences.

The Best Bike Locks

Onguard Aktia Resettable Combo Cable Lock

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Our first entry is the Onguard Aktia Resettable Combo Lock which is available for only $19.80 USD on Amazon. You receive a medium-duty security detail with a 185cm by 12mm cable. The combination lock also provides user-customization to ensure personal protection. If you want an affordable anti-theft bike lock, this is a good buy.

Kryptonite 720018210610

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Bike owners who want their own locks may want to check out Kryptonite 720018210610 – aka the KryptoFlex 3/8” x 7’ Double Loop Security Cable. For $12.95 USD, this 10 millimeters braided steel cable has above-average resistance to cutting. The thick vinyl coating makes the bike lock scratch-resistant so you can expect it to stay looking new for awhile. With a length of seven feet, combine this with your own personal lock and you have one of the most convenient and effective ways to keep your precious bike safe.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Mini Bicycle U-Lock

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Kryptonite’s Kryptolok Series 2 U-Lock is one of the best bike locks for less than $40 USD on Amazon today. Priced at around $34.86, this U-Lock comes with 13mm steel which makes it almost impossible to cut. Apart from the fact that it provides high-security features, it is also very easy to use which makes it an ideal buy for most consumers. If you want an all-in-one bike lock, this is definitely a good option.

Master Lock 78DPF Looped Cable

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This looped cable by Master Lock is an amazing option for people who have their own locks and want a budget-friendly bike cable option. For only $13.80 USD on Amazon, this high-rated bike lock has over twenty 5-star reviews, making it a must-buy. The lock features rust-resistant sleeves and scratch guards and the 3/8 inch cable loop diameter makes it possible to fit most bikes for maximum protection. If you want to spend the best $10 for bike security, consider this Master Lock.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc

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To wrap it all up, we look at one of the best bike U-Locks around – the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Loc. For $95.00  USD, you would get the best protection for your bike. The ultra-high security chain lock along with the New York-designed Disc Lock provides unmatched security. The chain links alone are made from manganese steel which provides maximum strength. If you want the ultimate bike lock that can back up its asking price, this bike lock will surpass all your expectations.



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