Five Must-Have Tech Gadgets suited for Today’s Outdoor Enthusiasts

2017 has been a very fruitful year for outdoor enthusiasts who are also into tech stuff as just this August, Salt Lake City held one of the most prestigious and largest outdoor-gear trade show. This biannual show in Utah is what we would call the Nirvana for hikers, campers, bikers and everything in between as the show featured over thousands of different products to make their outdoor experience more worthwhile.

Most people nowadays heavily rely on their gadgets to fuel their day. If you’ve been to the trade show in Salt Lake City last month, you probably had a glimpse of what the present, as well as the near future, has in store for us. There are a lot of tech products featured during the event but there are some gadgets that are a notch above the competition.

If you are looking to do outdoor activities while having the opportunity to bring your gadgets with you to capture every moment or to simply kill time, you will definitely love these new gadgets that we are going to feature today. Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the future of outdoor luxury.

Top Five Tech Gadgets Available Online Today

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Unit

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The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Unit is a must-have tech gadget if you are a fan of trekking or hiking the remote places of the United States. This handy tool is more efficient than your smartphone’s tracking tool thanks to countless satellite detection capabilities available on this gadget. If you are looking for a simple tool that can send check-in messages, is capable of tracking, and is capable of dialing emergency in case of troubles, the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Unit is the perfect gadget to take with you.

Task Lab TaskOne G3n PRO Case for iPhone 5/5s

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iPhone 5/5s owners who are looking for a great protective case that they can use in the great outdoors will appreciate the Task Lab TaskOne PRO Case made exclusively for the iPhone 5/5s models. This amazing gadget serves as a 22-piece multi-tool that is manufactured with high-grade materials for easy access and great convenience. For a case that can do so much, the TaskOne G3 PRO only weighs 115g while adding 6mm to your phone’s overall size. If you don’t have a good multi-tool set as well as a decent iPhone 5/5s casing, the Task Lab TaskOne G3 PRO is the one for you.

Brunton Ember Power Pack

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The Brunton Ember Power Pack is a three-in-one, water-resistant power bank that comes with an internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery and a 100mA solar panel. This power pack has a 2800mA battery that has 1000 mA/ 5v power draw. Capable of charging tablet computers, smartphones and pretty much any gadget that can be installed via the USB port, the Brunton Ember Power Pack is a vital addition to your outdoor arsenal especially if you will need enough juice to power all your devices.

EnerPlex Packr USB Solar Charging Backpack

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The EnerPlex Packr USB Solar Charging Backpack is one of the best backpacks you can use on your hiking or camping trip as it has a flexible 3-watt solar panel that has a 5V USB output which is perfect for powering up your devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones with great ease. The two zippered compartments of this backpack are ideal for storing clothes as well as gadgets thanks to the 10.5 x 6.0 x 16.0-inch frame. One of the best features of the EnerPlex Packr USB Solar Charging Backpack is its ability to take impact due to regular wear and tear. If you are looking for a great backpack that can do more, it’s safe to say that this is the one you need.

SolarCool Technologies Solar-Cooler

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SolarCool Technology’s Solar-Cooler is arguably one of the best tech gadgets we can really get used to when we are in the great outdoors. This fascinating cooler is solar powered and is capable of keeping stuff chill for hours. By using the sun’s heat, you will be able to cool beverages and goods at 42 degrees Fahrenheit. Apart from being able to cool your drinks and food, you can also have the option to charge electronic devices as well as accessories simply by plugging your gadget via the power outlet to be found on the side of the Solar-Cooler. If you are looking to spend less by going green, the SolarCool Technologies Solar-Cooler is by far the best investment you can make that is suitable for almost all outdoor activities you can think of.

Honorable Mentions

Timex Ironman ONE GPS+

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The Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ is probably one of the most useful watches any runner or outdoor enthusiast would want. This smartwatch is technically a GPS watch… plus more. With capabilities of storing up to 4GB of music, as well as the capabilities of sending and receiving messages via AT&T’s network, this smartwatch is pretty much every runner’s dream watch. Imagine the idea of not bringing your phone anymore when you’re going for a run. Pretty convenient, right?

OPSAK Odor Proof Barrier Bags

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The OPSAK Odor Proof Barrier Bags is an amazing barrier bag that is capable of storing any type of food and toiletries. This 100% odor-proof bag also comes with vapor-proof and humidity-proof packed in a 100% leak-proof design even when submerged for up to 200 feet or 60 meters under water. Perfect for putting any important gadget, document or whatever you can fit inside, the OPSAK Odor Proof Barrier Bags are available in three sizing options to suit your style. IF you are looking for a good bag to store important stuff, food and more, you can’t go wrong with these barrier bags.




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