Gear You Need for Figure Skating

When I think of figure skating, I think of glistening trees, winter wonder, and beauty. Figure skating is like dancing on ice. It’s graceful, beautiful and so much fun.

This is the world of ice skating – place of wonder, joy, of dance and speed. Ice skating is an art and a sport, one that was first invented in the 13th century when Dutch villages needed to communicate with each other, and the only way to travel from one village to another during the winter was over the frozen canals. Much later it became a sport of royalty, one that Marie Antoinette, Napoleon III, and many others participated in.

Over the centuries, the sport hasn’t changed much and the equipment you need to participate in this sport of Kings isn’t much different now than it was hundreds of years ago.


The boots are an important part of your ice skating effort, as these are made from very stiff leather, firm enough to offer extra support for the ankle and foot. Boots should be snug and your feet shouldn’t have too much wiggle room in there at first. These need to be broken in so they fit correctly.

When you take up figure skating on a serious level, you want a boot that is separate from the blades. This way you can change the blades out when they get worn. The Riedell 2010 fusion figure skates are ideal for the real figure skater in you.





You’ll also need a good set of blades. These are not flat from one tip to the other but rather have a curve, known as a rocker, and a width that is a little concave to create those sharp edges.  Good blades have four points that are used to execute the moves, spins, and jumps. The front should have a serrated edge called the toe pick. The length of the blades you get depends on your skill level and the style of figure skating you work on. A good place to start may be with the John Wilson Four Aces blades.

Skating Gear-8




Blade Covers




Because you have to keep those blades super sharp, you’ll want some blade covers to protect them. This helps protect the blades and keep them from cutting or damaging any of your other gear. Consider Guard Dog Universal ice skate guards as these are hard covers that protect the blade.

Practice Pants

Skating Gear-9



Let’s face it. Those gorgeous ice skating skirts you see at the Olympics are just for shows. You’re not going to practice in those, so you want a good set of ice figure skating practice pants.  These offer fleece lining to protect you from the cold of the rink.





You’ll also want a nice jacket to practice in. This polar jacket offers a fleece lining to keep you warm. Yet the fabric is also very flexible, letting you easily handle those twists and turns.

Bottom Line

Ice skating is a super fun sport and there is nothing like it. It’s like dancing on the ice, but you do want to have the right equipment, and you want quality items that will last you a long time. There is no sense in getting a cheap set of ice skates, especially if you know you love this sport.


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