Gear You Need to Play Cricket

Cricket is a game invented in the 16th century in England. Today it is a game played with a bat and ball all over the world. Essentially, two teams of eleven players attempt to score, similarly to baseball, except in this game there is a bowler instead of a pitcher.

The bowler throws the ball to a batsman by bowling it to the player. The batsman then tries to hit the ball with a bat so he can run to the other end of the pitch without having one of the fielders run him out.  If baseball has gotten a little stale, get 22 people, an umpire and some essential Cricket gear together and start playing a game of cricket. The following are a few of the items you’ll need to play the game.

Cricket Ball

In a professional game of men’s cricket, you’ll need a ball weighing between 5 ½ ounces to 6 ounces with a circumference around 8 3/16 inch to 9 inches. The interesting part about cricket is that the ball is made up of two halves made of cork that are bound by thick string. Then a layer of leather is placed over this bound cork.  Cricket balls come in either red or white. The red is used as a test and the players use the white when they plan on playing the one-day game format.


Cricket Bat

The cricket bat used by the batsman is made of a flat-fronted willow wood blade and a can handle. The length of the bat is about 38 inches and the width is about 4 inches.



In cricket a bowler throws the ball to the batsman who tries to hit it away from the fielders. His purpose is to run to the other end of the pitch without being run out by the fielders. In turn, the fielder tries to throw the ball onto the wickets or to a player near the wickets so that player can dislodge them from the ground before the batsman arrives. Wickets are made of three long vertical stumps and two horizontal bails.



Traditionally, cricket players wear all white. The reason for this is uncertain, but the royals from the 16th and 17th century wore white and the tradition has continued.

You can wear a white pair of slacks and a white or cream polo shirt for your cricket game. Just remember that cricket players wear all white or all cream colored clothing. You also want to make sure that the sports pants you wear are comfortable and roomy enough to run in.




You’ll want to wear shoes with a good rubber sole that offers some traction on the green field. A good option might be Kookaburra Pro 300 Rubber Cricket Shoes. These are specifically designed for cricket players with their lightweight and durable construction. These offer peak performance for cricketers.


The Optional Stuff

Be sure to take some good sunscreen and a hydrating pack. Cricket is not as fast paced as baseball and can often take more than two hours to complete a game, especially when you add in the breaks.


Gym Bag

Cricket is a relatively clean game, and you certainly don’t need a lot of equipment to play. In cricket you don’t use gloves like you do in baseball. Still you are wearing white so you’ll want a good shower after the game. That means you should bring a good gym bag and an extra set of clothes to change into. Cricket games are often followed by cocktail parties or picnics, so you’ll definitely want to clean up afterward.



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