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Gear you need to run a 5K

There are lots of reasons to go on a 5k run. Whether you’re raising money for charity, running for fitness or are simply out to support your friends, this post includes everything you’ll need to get you through to the finish line.

1.     Running shoes

Running in old or ill-fitting shoes will soon take its toll on your feet and, in time, will affect your running style – one of the biggest causes of running related injuries. You don’t want this to happen to you. The best way to avoid this is to get yourself a good pair of running shoes. Before you decide on any pair, make sure you get your feet measured properly. You need a well-cushioned pair that has been designed for running and matches your running style. These Asics Men’s GT-1000 are the perfect all-rounder shoes. Asics has been developing sports apparel and footwear for over 50 years, and all of that experience has gone into the design of this pair. They offer great support for your heels and the gum rubber soles take most of the shock out of your own step.

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Women should consider getting a pair of these Skechers Competition Running Shoes. They’re really comfortable and, like the GT-1000’s, provide brilliant support and shock absorption. You couldn’t hope for a better pair of all-around running shoes.

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2.     Sports watch

A decent sports watch will help you keep track of your mileage and, depending on the model, your speed, and heart rate. This Polar RC3 GPS Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch is a real find. The built-in GPS will track your route, speed, and distance. It’s slim and lightweight and features a rechargeable battery that will last for 12 hours of continuous use. This watch also has all the usual add-ons: stopwatch, digital display, water resistance, and so on.

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There’s no need to worry if you don’t want to buy a sports watch; there are plenty of apps on the market that can equip your phone with everything you need. RunKeeper rests at the top of most sports app bestselling lists: it’s really simple to use, has loads of great features and is free.

3.     Running shorts/pants

While some runners are happy to run in any old clothes, it’s hard to ignore the benefits that proper running clothes can provide you. Smart, sweat wicking fabrics will make you run more enjoyable, I heartily recommend these Ultrasport Men’s Running Pants. They are made from a quick-drying material that is lightweight and allows for plenty of movement, making them great for any runner. Ultrasport also makes running shorts for women and they’re just as good.

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4.     Special wicking socks

The right running socks will help keep your feet cool and dry, and you’ll feel more comfortable on the move. They’ll also boost your endurance levels as they provide a much-needed layer of protection against friction burns and blisters. More Mile makes great running socks: these come in a pack of three and are anatomically designed to lend more cushioning to your heel and toe, helping you to run faster for longer. They’re also machine washable – a real plus after a long run.

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5.     Technical tee

No matter what the air temperature outside, once you get going your body will heat up and will make it feel 15 to 20 degrees warmer. Technical tees help your skin breathe; this will, in turn, redistribute the heat and help you keep cool. Like your running socks and shorts/pants, you want a t-shirt made out of a sweat wicking material. For men, I recommend this Helly Hansen Men’s Cool Short Sleeve T-Shirt, while women should look at this Time to Run Women’s Velocity Running Top Both T-shirts have high wicking and are fast drying which will provide you with higher levels of ventilation and comfort when you’re out in warmer weather by increasing airflow.

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6.     (For women) Sports bra

Like any bra, your sports bra should fit you properly and not be stretched out too much. Most will need to be replaced after 70 washes as the elastic will lose its bounce. This Shock Absorber B5044 Women’s Run Bra is ideal. It comes in a wide range of sizes that should accommodate any figure and is made from a soft, seamless material that reduces repetitive friction injury. Like all the apparel suggested in this article, the Shock Absorber B5044 incorporates moisture wicking technology.

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