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Gear You Need to Run in the Winter

Running during the winter is an enticing winter activity. Cold weather and shining snow attract everybody. Although, not everybody likes winters, those who do usually enjoy winters thoroughly. The biggest advantage of winter running is that the path is not crowded, so you can run easily without distractions or being disturbed by people. Running in winter can be more enjoyable if you know what it takes to run. You should equip yourself with right gear in order to run safely and comfortably. Here, we would like to tell you about the gear you need to run in the winter.

Base layer:

One of the basic needs is a base layer. You can give Merino wool wicks a try as it has proven a favorite for many. It stays warm and wicks away moisture very easily. You should buy several pieces, including one with a synthetic layer and a hood, like the product in the link below. It is a base layer that experienced winter runners recommend.

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First of all, do not confuse a jacket with a winter coat. Both these things are totally different from each other. While buying a jacket, please mind that it should be the wind and water resistant. Check if it has a shell coat with a lining to keep you warm. Check out the product recommended below.

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Running Tights:

This piece of clothing is one of the best investments you can make for winter running. Once you use them once, you will fall in love with these tights. Tights are thin enough to keep you comfortable and cool enough in the fall. However, they are tight enough to keep your warm in winter as well. The technology behind this is compression, meaning it allows more blood to flow in the thighs, and in turn, the body warms up. Click the link given below to check out recommend running tights.

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Wind-Resistant Pants:

You ought to be ready for situations when tights alone will not be enough. When the weather outside is too cold and winds are blowing, wearing only tights may cause a problem. In such conditions, you should wear a pair of winter running pants over your tights or with long underwear. Here’s the link for the recommended product.

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Neck Gaiter:

If you like to wear a hat and a jacket with a collar, be more careful with the body parts you’ve left uncovered. Neck gaiters are better in these situations. They can cover the neck, neck and face both or the entire neck and head. It just a matter of how much coverage you need, so plan accordingly. Follow the link provided below and take a look at the product recommended.

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Face Mask:

This is one piece of equipment that no winter runner should be caught without. When the weather gets chillier, a face mask becomes a must-have for you. Oftentimes, winter runners will use a face mask designed for downhill skiing. Keep in mind that we inhale more while running than while skiing, so with a ski mask, you will end up with ice crystals when your breath freezes. Instead, buy a face mask that protects your cheeks and lips without restricting your breathing. You can try this product at the link below.

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Hat & Gloves:

During the winter season, hats and gloves become a daily necessity. The same applies when it comes to winter running. If you think that you do not need hat and gloves, you will suffer the consequences of frigid air on your bare skin. Choose superior quality hat and gloves to stave off such situations. Click the link and check out the recommended pair of hat and gloves.

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Never go for a winter run without putting your goggles on. Keep a pair of goggles handy while you get ready for every winter run. It will not only keep your eyelids from freezing but it also reduces the chance of brain-freeze. Try this pair of goggles given in the link below. It’s good for winter sports.

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