Gear You Need to Snowboard

Buy it on Amazon here.Are you eager to try your hand at snowboarding? It can be quite the investment, but we’ve put together a list of gear below that could help keep the costs down. Whether you’re shopping online or in a physical store, keep in mind your height, weight, shoe size, and (if you have any) relevant riding experience or preference.


It probably won’t surprise you to learn that it can get a little cold on a snowy mountain. Thermals provide a breathable, sweat wiping base layer that prevents you from sweating and getting wet when you’re boarding. Ideally you’d wear a fleece over top of these just to make sure, but it’s worth remembering that on the slopes, overdressing can be worse than underdressing— plan ahead carefully. You can’t go far wrong with this Helly Hansen Men’s Dry 2-Pack Base Layer Set. Buy it on Amazon here.

They’re quick drying, are super-lightweight and a crafty seam prevents them from chafing. Women should look at these thermals from Ultrasport. These thermals fit a little looser than the corresponding women’s pair from Helly Hansen and should chafe less as a result. Buy it on Amazon here.


This may seem obvious, but socks are important. Long socks will help to keep you warm and also provide a much needed layer of protection for your shins, which can be chafed by the tops of your boots. These Falke SK2 Men’s Ski Socks come well recommended. Buy it on Amazon here.

These are also available in smaller sizes for women. They’re very breathable and are far less cumbersome than the chunkier knitted variety. Buy it on Amazon here.


In cold weather the first parts of your body to feel the chill are your extremities (hands and feet). Your socks and boots will help your feet but you’ll need a decent pair of gloves to keep your hands warm and dry. These Motion Ski Gloves have a tough Windex outer layer, Supatex waterproof inserts and are lined with a Thinsulate thermal layer, making them more than capable of dealing with all but the coldest slopes. They also come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all kinds of snowboarders. Buy it on Amazon here.


A snow-proof jacket is essential when you’re boarding for obvious reasons, but your jacket should also be tough enough to take a few falls (there’s going to be a lot of them when you start out). This Men’s Animal Chilam Ski Jacket is a great option. It’s quite warm enough for beginner peaks and the hood is large enough to fit over your helmet on really cold days. Buy it on Amazon here.

For women this Mountain Warehouse Spirit Insulated Snowboarding Jacket is an ideal choice. The insulated fleece lining will keep you nice and warm in all but the coldest climates and the added snow-skirt will keep snow from getting inside the coat when you take a tumble. Both jackets have been designed with an impressive number of pockets, so you should be set for any eventuality. Buy it on Amazon here.


You don’t want to forget these. When learning to snowboard, you’ll spend an awful lot of time on your bottom, and you’ll need a good pair of ski-pants to keep you dry and warm. For men these Westbeach Men’s Upperlevels Snowboard Pants are a good option. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women should look at these O’Neill Women’s PWEX Frame Insulated Ski Pants. Both pairs are really tough, waterproof and most importantly, warm. Buy it on Amazon here.


Boots are one of the most important things for any snowboarder. You need a pair that will allow your feet to move naturally and offer you support and protection. You can’t go far wrong with a pair of Burton Tyro’s. They’re quick to lace, easily customisable on the move, and offer great support to the heel. Buy it on Amazon here.

Burton’s Bootique boots are a great option for women— they have all the same features as the Tyro’s, but come in a range of sizes that are likely to fit you better. Buy it on Amazon here.


Whether you choose sunglasses or goggles, protecting your eyes and face from the elements when you’re on the slopes is critical. I always think that goggles are the way to go, as they offer more protection and are less likely to fall off. These Rayzor Professional UV400’s are durable, light and have been treated with chemicals to reduce fogging. The double lens will not only protect your eyes from UV rays, but will also allow for more clarity in high and low light conditions. They also come in a selection of cool camouflage patterns. Buy it on Amazon here.


As with helmets for other sports, it’s important try your helmet out before you buy it. Once you have your head measured properly, any shop assistant should be happy to suggest the right helmet. Remember, a helmet shouldn’t move around on your head or ride low on your eyes. This Smith Maze helmet is our recommendation— it’s very comfortable and comes in a range of sizing options. It features removable goggle lock, and enough ventilation to keep you breezy on the slopes. Buy it on Amazon here.


Your snowboard will probably make or break your trip. Your board should correspond with your height and weight: from the floor, it should be long enough to reach between your collarbone and chin. Snowboard manufacturers tend to work off this sort of scale:

SIZE      Recommended Rider Weight

151cm     95-145lbs

154      115-165

158      130-180

162      140-190

166      155-205

For the best results, try to put yourself in one those categories. This Airtracks Snowboard Set could be the best way forward for many beginners, as the board has been specially designed and approved for all riders. Its lightweight body and medium flex make it great to learn on. This kit also includes bindings and a board bag, and if you browse through the range you’ll see that Airtracks caters for most heights. Buy it on Amazon here.


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