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Gear You Need to Start CrossFit

You’ve probably heard about this latest trend from friends, coworkers, or relatives. CrossFit is a great strength and conditioning program that has been around for over forty years. If you are looking for a unique and refreshing way to get fit and healthy by doing a series of high-intensity training routines, you will love what CrossFit can do for your health and well-being.

If you want to hop on to the CrossFit bandwagon, you need to have the right gear. Since this is an intensive training program, it is highly advised to start with a partner or a group to become more effective. CrossFit’s training program includes power lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, Olympic weightlifting, high-intensity interval training and more.

Finding the right people and the right CrossFit gear is among the things you should prioritize, as these factors will directly affect your training. To save you the time and hassle of doing both on your own, we’ll help you out with finding the right gear.  Check out the list below of the gear you need to get started with CrossFit.

The Essential CrossFit Gears

FitSkuad Premium CrossFit Jump Rope

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One of the first pieces of equipment you will need for CrossFit is a jump rope. FitSkuad’s Premium CrossFit Jump Rope is a highly recommended jump rope if you do not have one yet. Designed for CrossFit training, this jump rope is excellent for mastering double under, triple funders and more. For the price of $18.99, this jump rope comes with high-grade cable, an extra cable and a carrying bag. For the price, performance, and reliability, the FitSkuad Premium CrossFit Jump Rope is a great buy.

Fit Four The Gripper Glove

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Fit Four’s The Gripper Glove is a perfect pair of gloves for CrossFit. This amazing pair of gloves is excellent for protecting your hands from day-to-day wear and tear from pull-ups, Olympic lifts, kettlebell swings and more. For the price of $24.95, The Gripper Glove is an excellent entry-level CrossFit glove that can do wonders for your training. Try to train without these gloves to see the huge difference they make.

TerriFIT Wrist Wraps

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If you’re looking for a perfect wrist wrap for your gloves, the TerriFIT Wrist Wraps is a great option. For the price of only $13.99, this 18” long wrist wrap is perfect for weightlifting and is guaranteed to prevent wrist-related lifting injuries. For its asking price and performance, TerriFIT Wrist wraps is a truly great buy if you plan to do the heavy lifting.

SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

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The SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells is a great pair of dumbbells suitable for CrossFit weightlifting activities. With a starting price of $25.59 on Amazon, you receive two five pound dumbbells that are very comfortable and reliable. Whether you plan to use them for your CrossFit programs or to just make your own training routines at home, the SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells are a perfect fit.

Cap Barbell Kettlebell

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Kettlebell exercises are one of the most practiced CrossFit training regimens due to the benefits it offers for your core strength. If you want a kettlebell for your training, the Cap Barbell Kettlebell is one of the best kettlebells you can buy for the price. For $19.79, you will get a thirty-pound kettlebell made of solid, high-grade cast iron. If you want simple yet effective CrossFit equipment, the Cap Barbell Kettlebell is a good investment.

Valeo Medicine Ball

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The Valeo Medicine Ball is perfect for CrossFit as there are a lot of exercises in which you need to work on your core strength. For the price of $33.79, this classic medicine ball will do great for your core strengthening, coordination and balance. If you are looking for an affordable exercise ball that can improve your CrossFit training, consider the Valeo Medicine Ball.

Black Mountain Products Multi-Use Gymnastic Rings

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The Black Mountain Products 1200-pound rated Multi-Use Gymnastic Rings are a great set of rings for CrossFit due to their weight capacity and reliability. For the price of $35.54, you will get a gymnastic ring set that comes with a fifteen-foot strap for greater control. For CrossFit athletes, having a set of gymnastic rings is essential for improving core strength, agility, and upper body control. If you are looking for a set of reliable gymnastic rings, the Black Mountain Products Multi-Use Gymnastic Rings are the ones for you.

Optional CrossFit Gears

If you want to take your CrossFit program to the next level by continuing to train while you’re at home, here are some pieces of equipment you might find you need. Be sure to consider this equipment thoroughly.

Fat Gripz – The Ultimate Arm Builder

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Looking for a perfect tool to add to your dumbbells, barbells and even chin-up bars to make them easier to grip? The Fat Gripz is the perfect add-on for you. Made with a high quality, a military-grade compound that is high-density, this grip makes grueling weight lifting repetitions less taxing without losing the effectiveness of the training. For the price of $38.95 on Amazon, this is a must-have if you want to improve your weightlifting experience.

ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat

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For people who would like to have their own CrossFit sessions at home, the ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat is a perfect substitute for gym mats. Made with high-density EVA foam, this exercise mat comes with six 24” x 24” by ½” tiles that are water-resistant, lightweight and durable. For the price of $23.95, you will get a fantastic exercise mat that is very comfortable to use.

Titan Power Rack

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If you really want to bring the CrossFit training experience to the comfort of your own home, then you have to make room for several pieces of gym equipment. The Titan Power Rack is a perfect tool for squats, deadlifts and more. With over 28 positions available to accommodate various exercise routines, the Titan Power Rack is a great piece of gear for the price of $309.00 on Amazon.

USA Sports Troy Barbell 300 lb.

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Yet another must-have piece of gym equipment is the USA Sports Troy Barbell. This 300-pound barbell is a great barbell for CrossFit weightlifting exercise like Olympic weightlifting. For the price of $399.99, you receive a weight set that includes fourteen weight plates for a more effective weight lifting experience. It comes with four 5-pound plates, two 10-pound plates, two 25-pound plates, two 35-pound plates and two 45-pound plates.



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