Gear You Need To Start Deer Hunting

When you start out deer hunting, it can be a challenge to know what equipment you really need. Once you’ve been into hunting for a while and have all the required gear, it can be a pain to gather all your equipment for a hunt without forgetting anything important. That’s where this checklist comes in. Having all required gear while hunting, you are sure to have a fun, comfortable hunting experience. Here is a list of all the deer hunting gear that’s generally needed to get the job done.


Generally, traditional handguns are used for deer hunting. Most hunters prefer using .44 Magnum Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter since this supreme revolver wears a 1.5-4.5x variable power Nikon scope and rides in a special holster worn like a sling. It strikes a solid blow out to 100 yards on deer.



When rifle hunting, professionals believe in carrying a rifle suitable for the conditions. In general, it is advisable to carry the rifles that are relatively light and short for easy carrying, without getting into extremes.



It is very important to dress suitably for the expected weather conditions. This may seem old-fashioned, but wearing long underwear is preferred in the cold weather. You must wear boots strong and comfortable enough for hiking. Choose quiet clothing that doesn’t make lots of noise when you move – deer have keen hearing. Generally, natural fibers like cotton and wool are considered best for hunting. Parkas, nylon jackets, and rain suits create a lot of noise, so you should avoid them. Blue jeans also make noice, but if you like wearing jeans, choose a pair that is soft and old.



Since you should field dress a deer after a successful hunt, you need to carry a knife while hunting. The knife should be lightweight and kept sharp to field dress an average deer.



Carrying a GPS unit or a small, folding compass is always sensible.


Consider investing in high-quality optics for a deer hunt. Binoculars should be compact with sharp images that allow you to hunt with precision. The soft leather case included with this pair boasts a useful belt loop, so they can be used as for both hunting and traveling.


Fanny pack Gear

A zip-lock freezer bag allows you to keep your all essential items together, dry and accessible. These items you should take with include a small sharpening stone, compass, a Cutter snake bite kit, a pair of leather shoelaces, a 1-ounce bottle of insect repellent lotion, water purification tablets, a book of matches, the smallest Maglight with a fresh battery and a spare, a pair of tweezers, and a very small first aid kit. Fully loaded, this premium fanny pack is easily portable, weighing in at less than one pound.


Knapsack Gear

Your knapsack gear includes the items that could be handy if you need to stay out overnight. It consists of a set of Stoney Point Steady Stix II folding shooting sticks, red felt crusher hat, cloth gloves, a 2-foot square sheet of heavy duty plastic, a red bandanna, a light plastic tarp with grommets, a small square of aluminum foil, an Accu Filter water filtering straw, a package of trail mix, a Coghlan’s pocket saw, six fire sticks, a small box of wooden matches, a 5-inch utility candle, disposable ear plugs, BLM or Forrest Service maps of the area to be hunted and much more.



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