Gear You Need to Start Running

Now that you’ve decided to get up off the couch or bed that you’re reading this from and start running, you’ve made a healthy choice for yourself. Running is a great sport, and part of the reason it’s so great is that it requires far less equipment than some other outdoor sports. Below is a list of all the equipment that you’ll need to get going.

Running Shoes

The most important investment that any runner can make is in good running shoes. You need a well-cushioned pair that have been specifically designed for running and match your running style. These Asics men’s GT-1000 are the perfect all around shoes. They offer great support for your heels, are nice and solid and the gum rubber soles take most of the shock out of your step. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women should consider getting a pair of these Skechers Competition Running shoes. They’re really comfortable and, like the GT-1000’s, provide brilliant support and shock absorption. You couldn’t hope for a better pair of all around running shoes. Buy it on Amazon here.

Sports Watch

It’s important to pace yourself when running. Don’t go too far, too fast. Sports watches can help you to keep track of how long you’ve been running. Some of the better ones are GPS enabled and can also help you track and monitor your targets. I’m a real fan of this Polar RC3 Sports Watch. The built in GPS tracks your route, speed and distance and a heart monitor tracks your progress. It’s got a slim and lightweight design and features a rechargeable battery that will last for twelve hours of continuous use. It also includes all the standard add-ons: stopwatch, digital display, water resistance, etc. Buy it on Amazon here.

Running Shorts/Pants

When you’re running, be careful not to overdress. Once you warm up, your extra body heat will make you feel about fifteen to twenty degrees warmer. These Ultrasport Men’s Running Pants are made with a quick-drying material that is lightweight and allows for plenty of movement, making them essential for any runner. Buy it on Amazon here.

Ultrasport also make running shorts for women and they’re just as good the men’s. Buy it on Amazon here.

Technical Tee

While technical fabric running clothes may cost a little more, you’ll appreciate the comfort, especially during long runs. For men I recommend this Helly Hansen Men’s Cool Short Sleeve T-Shirt. Buy it on Amazon here.

While women should look at this Time to Run Women’s Velocity Running Top. Buy it on Amazon here.

Wicking Socks

It is best practise to avoid 100% cotton socks (and other clothes for that matter) when running because synthetic socks will help keep your feet healthy and will prevent blistering. More Mile makes great running socks that come in a pack of three and are anatomically designed to lend more cushioning to your heel and toe, which helps you run faster for longer. They’re also machine washable – a real plus after a long run. Buy it on Amazon here.

Sports Bra

What’s the first rule to fight sag? Wear a sports bra. As you probably know, a good sport’s bra can cut movement in half, which will do wonders for preserving your body structure. This Shock Absorber B5044 Women’s Run Bra is ideal. It comes in a wide range of sizes that should accommodate any figure and is made from a soft, seamless material that reduces repetitive friction injury. Like all the apparel suggested in this article, the Shock Absorber B5044 incorporates moisture wicking technology. Buy it on Amazon here.


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