Gear You Need to Start Skiing

Skiing is a fantastic winter sport, and as a beginner, you should be excited to get started. Be careful not to expect too much of yourself, though, and try not to feel too embarrassed. As a beginner you should be prepared to fall over a few times – this is natural and not the end of the world. Also, don’t be put off by the kids who seem more experienced than you. Remember that everyone starts somewhere. The first thing that you need to do is to get the proper gear together.


Years and years ago, there were three different types of skis, which were all based on a simple racing model. But ever since the dawn of computer design, ski manufacturers have shifted to producing a whole host of curved skis. These different varieties will each have something to offer for your style, whether you prefer downhill, off-piste or cross country. You’ll find that most of the top brands will cater to your preference and ability. These skis from Head are great for first-timers and for those of you who are beginning to find your rhythm. Head has a great reputation with skiers for making brilliant skis that help users progress through the levels.

Be sure to try your skis on before you buy them. It sounds like a fairy-tale, but if it feels as though your skis are reacting to your movements, then you have found the right pair for you. Buy it on Amazon here.

Ski Boots

Novice skiers are often the victims of foot problems brought on by ill-fitting ski boots. Your shoes are important in all sports, but in skiing, they have an added importance. Ski boots are designed to clip into your skis and hold you firmly in place while you’re flying down the mountain. I think that these Salomon ski boots are of great quality and they also offer great all around protection. Like any good shoe, an indicator that your ski boot fits well is free movement of the toes – if you can wriggle, you’re fine. If you’re shopping in a store, the store assistant will be able to help you find the right size. Buy it on Amazon here.


While helmets are not strictly required on the slopes outside of the ski-school, it’s a good idea to wear one. Skiing is a fast and dangerous sport and without a helmet you can run the risk of seriously damaging your head. In many areas, helmets are also becoming a fashionable accessory – but remember, helmets first and foremost act as an item of safety. This Smith Maze helmet is highly recommended. It’s really comfortable and comes in a wide variety of sizing options. It features removable goggle lock and enough ventilation to keep you comfortable on the slopes. Buy it on Amazon here.


These Rayzor Professional UV400’s are durable, light and have been treated with chemicals to reduce fogging. The double lens will not only protect your eyes from harsh UV rays but will also allow for fuller clarity in high and low light conditions. They come in a selection of cool ‘camouflage’ colors that will suit even the most fashion conscious skiers. Buy it on Amazon here.

Ski Jacket

This Men’s Animal Chilam Ski Jacket is perfect. It’s certainly warm enough for beginner peaks and the hood is large enough to fit over your helmet on those really cold days. Buy it on Amazon here.

For women this Mountain Warehouse Spirit Insulated Snowboarding Jacket is the ideal choice. The insulated fleece lining will keep you nice and warm in all but the coldest climates and the added snow-skirt will keep snow from getting inside the coat if you happen to take a tumble. Both jackets have been designed with an impressive number of pockets, so you should be set for any situation. Buy it on Amazon here.


Salopets are thick, snow and waterproof trousers that offer valuable padding and will keep your bum warm if you’ve fallen over or are sitting on a ski lift. Don’t be tempted by the lighter variants, because for beginners, the heavier types are much, much better. For men these Westbeach Men’s Upperlevels Snowboard Pants ideal. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women should look at these O’Neill Women’s PWEX Frame Insulated Ski Pants. Both pairs are really tough, waterproof, and most importantly, warm. Buy it on Amazon here.


These Motion Ski Gloves have a tough Windex outer layer, Supatex waterproof inserts and are lined with a Thinsulate thermal layer, making them more than capable of dealing with even the coldest slopes. They also come in a variety of sizes that will accommodate the whole family. Buy it on Amazon here.


Thermals are worn underneath your clothes and offer a base-layer that will trap heat and keep you warm when you’re on the mountain. Many people will wear a t-shirt over the top of their thermals. If you find that this is too hot and decide to ditch one of the layers, don’t go out without your thermals as they offer far more than a simple cotton t-shirt. You can’t go wrong with these Helly Hansen Men’s Dry 2-Pack Base Layer Set. They’re quick drying and super-lightweight and a crafty seam prevents them from chafing. Buy it on Amazon here.

Women should look at these thermals from Ultrasport. They fit a little tighter than the corresponding men’s pair from Helly Hansen and should chafe less as a result. Buy it on Amazon here.

Thermal Socks

Properly fitting ski socks are warm and provide extra protection and padding to your foot from within the ski. Don’t be tempted to wear chunky woollen socks (even if your gran did knit them) as your feet will tend to overheat and sweat. These Falke SK2 Men’s Ski Socks have sweat wicking technology to keep your foot dry and warm. Buy it on Amazon here.

They’re also available in smaller sizes for women. They’re highly breathable and are far less cumbersome than the chunkier, knitted variety. Buy it on Amazon here.


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