Gear You’ll Need to Play Softball

It’s time to get that softball game together. There is nothing more family-oriented than a cool picnic, some great conversation and a good game of softball. It is the all American game, after all, and everyone remembers playing a good game of softball when they were a kid.

But what kind of gear do you need? That really depends on whether you play on a lazy afternoon at home or you actually put a team together and play in a competitive environment. In this case, you’ll need better equipment but you’ll also need to be careful, as some leagues have restrictions as to what type of equipment you can have. If playing in a league, first check to see what type of equipment you are not allowed to have. The following offers you a guideline as to the different types of equipment you might need.

The Bat

Depending on the league you may need to get a bat the amateur softball Association of America approves of. These contain the ASA logos. A Younger player may need to use a bat with the safety knob on the end. The end caps help players keep their grip correctly on the bat and keep it from flying out of their hands.

When looking for a good aluminum bat, consider the Easton slow pitch softball bat. This is a durable aluminum bat that offers performance for any level of play.

Softball -1



If you want a more conventional wooden bat, then consider getting an Easton Maple softball bat. This is made of North American white ash and comes with a laser engraved barrel 7/8 inch handle.

Softball -2




Softballs are made in a variety of sizes and range from ten inches to sixteen inches in circumference. The twelve inch balls are preferred in smaller, fast pitch games. While the larger sixteen inch balls are used for slow pitch games. MacGregor NFHS offers a dozen twelve-inch fast pitch softballs at a very affordable price.

Softball -3



For larger balls consider the MacGregor Chicago 16 inch ball.

Softball -4



Personal Equipment

No matter what kind of team you play on, you should always wear a helmet. If you’re ever hit in the head without a helmet, you could receive some serious injury, and in some cases, a hard-hit can result in death. Something like the Rawlings Coolflo Batting Helmet could work very well.

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When on the field catching balls, you’ll need a softball glove with a large pocket to help catch those balls, especially if you’re playing fast pitch softball. When playing the first baseman, you may need a larger first baseman’s glove.

Softball -6



Softball -7



If you’re the catcher, you’ll need a glove that is appropriate for your size and for the type of softball you are playing. For fast pitch ball, you want a glove with closing power and one that has shock-absorbing padding like this Mizuno.

Softball -8




Softball -9



If you are serious about the game, you want some cleats to improve your traction and speed. Preferably you want plastic or other flat cleat material that won’t cause you to trip and fall when running the bases. A good brand to go with for softball cleats is Mizuno.

When playing in a league with faster athletes, there is a lot of slipping and sliding on the bases, so you might want some type of breakaway base to use at your games. This type of base prevents players from getting injured on the hard slide.


Of course, the catcher will need specialized personal equipment, especially when playing faster games. He’ll need a catcher’s mask, an athletic cup (males), chest protector and shin guards to protect himself against those fast balls.

Softball -10



Bottom Line

This is all the softball equipment you need to put a team together. When playing for fun you can probably forego some of this equipment, but when putting a league together, you really do need to get all of this equipment. You can always continue practicing while you get all of your softball gear together.


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