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How To Get a Good Night’s Rest in the Great Outdoors

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I toss and turn. I get up, walk out and stare in awe at the beautiful star lit sky. Oh, I agree, camping is fabulous. But I gotta say, I hate sleeping on the hard ground. I can really only handle one night, and then I have to ask my husband to take me back— I can only take so much discomfort.  I just can’t get comfortable in a sleeping bag, and for some reason, I toss and turn and lose precious sleep.

This is the situation, and every year it’s the same thing. I can stay out in the beautiful outdoors for one night, and my bones just won’t go any further.  “This year will be different,” I vowed.

So, I started doing some early research. There had to be something to cushion that sleeping bag. And guess what? There is, and it is largely remarkable. What I found is the Thermarest NeoAir Xlite sleeping pad.

This is a pad you can place under the sleeping bag to cushion your body. It’s actually very compact and lightweight, features I insisted on having, especially if I was going to be hiking beforehand.

This is a blow-up pad and functions much like an air mattress; it just doesn’t take up as much space, being shaped like a sleeping bag and easily inflated.

The construction of this pad is amazing: the advanced manufacturing makes it an extremely lightweight mattress and the materials are so low in bulk that it packs up to the size of a water bottle. Amazing.

It has some sort of reflective material that keeps in body heat creates additional warmth.

I absolutely adore this sleeping pad, I was able to enjoy the great outdoors for more than a few nights. The Thermarest is durable, easy to pack and very easy to inflate.



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