Get More Horseshoe Power with the Right Gear

The game of horseshoes seems a little silly if you’ve never played. But once you start trying to hit that stake with a horseshoe you quickly learn that it is a game of strength and skill.

This is a game that is thought to be descended from the noble sport of discus throwing. It’s believed that many poor people couldn’t afford a discus and instead used old horseshoes instead.

As a novice horseshoes player, you don’t really need any special gear to play. However, as the passion grows and you enjoy the game more and more, there are certain items you can acquire to improve your skill.


A good pair of gloves improves your grip and throwing speed, but you don’t want just any gloves. You need a pair that gives the tips of your fingers flexibility and room to move about. Some good gloves for horseshoes are the NSSTAR Outdoor Sports half-finger gloves. These keep your hands warm and nimble in cooler fall and spring weather, but also offer great flexibility and grip. You won’t have to worry about scratching or scraping either so you can fling those horseshoes as far as you want.

Cropped Trousers

You want to be as footloose and free when playing horseshoes as you can be. So if playing in the summer, stick to casual cropped pants like these FUNOC beach trousers or gym shorts. These are a nice cotton blend that help you move about easily— just what you need to throw further out.

Champion Sweatpants

When playing in cooler weather, stick to some good Champion Sweatpants. These will keep you warm and toasty but also give you the movement range you need to throw horseshoes.

Your Shoes are a Key Element in the Game

Just as with bowling, your shoes play an important role in horseshoes. You need shoes that offer stability and a good grip. Shoes like the ASICS Men’s GEL-Venture 4 Running Shoes work well. These shoes offer great traction, which is exactly what you need when you are throwing horseshoes. The ASICS have a good rubber sole with a heel that measures about 3/4 of an inch thick. They also have a removable foam insole and Rearfoot GEL cushioning for better stability. Buy it on Amazon here.

A Personal Horseshoe Set

That’s about all you need except for the horseshoes themselves. Just so you have your own and don’t have to run over to a friend’s house every time you want to play horseshoes, you might want to get your own set. A good set might be something like the Champion Sports Steel Horseshoe Set. This is a set comes in a plastic carrying case. The horseshoes are steel, and there are two steel stakes. Enjoy the game.  Buy it on Amazon here.


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