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Introducing Diluvio – The Clearest Underwater Speakers Ever

You know those movies where a gorgeous nymph swims underwater and you hear the sounds of a violin. Or those great ads, where an orchestra plays a whole concerto while sitting underwater. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get that kind of sound while doing your swim training?

Do you think it really is possible to listen to music at the bottom of a pool, a lake or even a hot tub? Now it is. There is new technology that allows this.

But you can’t do it with normal speakers. These can short circuit and even electrocute you. So if you want to listen to music underwater, you need special underwater speakers; these are a fairly new item on the consumer market and designed to offer high-quality audio in an underwater environment.

By the same token, an underwater speaker won’t sound the same when you use it out of the water. In fact, they sound terrible, but in the water, a good underwater speaker is like a finely tuned instrument. It radiates sound from all directions.

New technology now allows manufacturers to create fabulous underwater speakers like Diluvio. 

Sound travels through both air and water. In fact, sound waves can travel up to 4.3 times faster under water than through the atmosphere. Have you heard that whales and dolphins use sound to navigate, and humans use sonar systems when mapping the sea or when fishing?

Yet it wasn’t until recently that we thought of using sound, the beautiful tones and rhythms of our music, underwater.

So How Does it Work?

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When you use great underwater speakers like the underwater Diluvio speaker. You simply place the speaker at the bottom of the pool. The sound bounces off the bottom of the pool, and extends towards the sides and the surface. This makes it seem like the sound comes from all directions.

The Sound Range

Typically, humans have hearing spans that range from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz. The older models of underwater speakers couldn’t produce wavelengths lower than 1,000 hertz.  Since a piano has frequencies that dive as low as 27.5 hertz, older underwater speakers just didn’t have the power that the new Diluvio speakers have.

Diluvio uses cutting edge technology known as voice coil technology. This is an electromagnet made up of coiled wire that allow the speakers to now reach wavelengths as low as 20 hertz.

What Are They Like?

Aesthetically the models can change, but typically this is a speaker encased in a waterproof plastic case with an insulated speaker wire that reaches an above water sound system. You can choose to install the speaker in a small niche or alcove within the pool or you could just dangle it on the bottom of the pool while doing your training session.

How far can Diluvio Speakers reach?

The volume of water in which you can use the Diluvio speakers varies depending on the size and depth of the pool. Most experts recommend you use one speaker for every 20-by-20-foot pool section.


This is a relatively new technology so you can expect these speakers to be more expensive than average. However, they also deliver higher quality. You can expect to pay about $1,000 for these cool underwater speakers. Truthfully, they are certainly worth it, especially if you swim laps to exercise. This type of speaker allows you to enjoy your music while you train. It certainly makes your pool experience much more enjoyable.


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