Outdoor Camping Essentials – Kitchen Gear Must Haves for Every Camp Cook

A warm crackling camp fire surrounded by a few smiling faces is the beloved essence of a campout with family. For my family, the camping trip is sacred family time out there in the middle of nature.  It’s what every camper visualizes of that special camping trip of the year. But unless you have the right gear with you, you won’t have that picturesque experience.  A critical part of every successful campout is the kitchen gear you take with you, especially if you’re the camp cook. After all, you can’t go camping unless you can feed the troops right? So what kind of kitchen gear do you need? Well, this differs for everyone. Every cook has his favorite gear, but to help you along in choosing your perfect gear, I’ve listed my five favorite kitchen essentials.

A Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen

Outdoor cooking is great fun but prepping a meal in the woods can pose several challenges, especially without a clean, handy table at your disposal. Take a Coleman Packaway Camp Kitchen as part of your camping kitchen gear and you’ll be ready for all those food prep needs. Packaged in a cool compact carrying case for easy travel, all you have to do is open the case and you’re ready to wash, chop and prepare your food. This product features a rust-resistant kitchen frame, a table top food prep area, a wire grid shelf at countertop level to handle the camping stove and a lower shelf, where you can store all the kitchen accessories you aren’t using (you know the pots, pans, plates and stuff).  I use this little camp kitchen on every one of our outings. There’s no heavy hauling or time wasted with this cool kitchen camp item. Buy it on Amazon here.

Granite Gear Kitchen Sink

This sink-to-go works much better than a bucket of water and it saves time too. Not only effective for cleaning your dishes, this sink also folds away when you don’t need it.   Just add water and dish soap and you have an efficient set up to wash your dishes quickly. The best part is how lightweight and portable this sink is so it can travel in a backpack or with the rest of your gear. Buy it on Amazon here.

The Propane Stove

Unless you plan to dine only on sandwiches during that next camping trip, you won’t want to forget a good camp stove.  A Coleman two burner camp stove is probably your best option as these offer consistent gas and cooking performance and this stove works in any type of weather. The 10,000 BTU allows for adjustable flames that let you boil on high or simmer on low. This stove only requires a great cook – and that’s you. Buy it on Amazon here.

Cast-Iron Skillet

Every camp cook needs a cast-iron skillet. You can’t make the world’s best skillet corn bread or the greatest pork and beans without a good cast-iron skillet. This is the greatest cooking secret of the old west cowboys in the U.S.  You can’t possibly have all the kitchen camp gear you need without the right skillet, and the Lodge L5SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet is just the ticket to making those tummy warming meals everyone is waiting for. Buy it on Amazon here.

Coghlan’s Pop-Up Camp Trash Can

One of the most frustrating things about camping is trekking all the way to the dumpster every time you need to throw something away and trash bags don’t work on their own either, as they usually end up blowing away. I found a solution to the problem when I bought this cool pop-up camp trash can. The kids love watching it pop up and I love the fact that it’s collapsible and fits in any spare pocket or small travel area.  It also features a fully zipped top with carry handles. I find that I save so much time on my camp cooking just by having a real trashcan nearby. Buy it on Amazon here.


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