Sea Ray 220 – The Perfect Boat Cover


I sat on the hard, shiny surface, running my hand across the hull. It shone in the sun like a glistening rocket. It was fast, I knew. I had already taken it for a quick spin on the lake.

It was my new boat, and I was as proud as a new parent. Well, maybe it wasn’t “New,” but certainly to me it was. This was an accomplishment for me.  I had saved for the better part of a year to make the money to buy this Sea Ray 220 2006.

But over the course of that year, I had only given thought to buying the boat. My entire focus was on saving a dollar here and a dollar there.

Now I was in a pickle.

That great boat was sitting out in my driveway. Where was I going to store it? With two cars, I had no room in the garage.

The time was July, I remember, so I didn’t worry too much. There would be time for that later. I focused on enjoying the summer with my new boat. But then September rolled in and I was still without a storage place. I did not want my boat to suffer through the winter out in the open. The upholstery would be wed with winter snow; this in turn would turn into mold and mildew. I could just imagine my boat deteriorating into a ghost of itself; an image of the ghost ship of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie danced before my eyes.

I did not want this to happen.

I rushed over to the computer and started searching; what was I looking for? Something that would offer protection; that would keep the interior of the boat safe even if I did have to leave it out in the inclement weather.

And then, there it was, like a beacon calling out to me.  An Exact Fit Boat Cover. A cover that would fit perfectly over my Sea Ray 220, because it was custom made for it. Specialized pattern makers had stitched this durable Sunbrella acrylic material in such a way that it fit perfectly over my boat. It offered such a tight fit that nothing could open it. This was like one of those military tents, the kind used in Antarctica or Alaska. There was no way snow or rain was going to damage my boat with this cover.

To top it off, it was really easy to put on. I could loosen the straps to put the cover on and then I just had to tighten them to get an impenetrable cover. No raccoon or other varmint was going to take my boat over for the winter.

Sure, this cover was a little more expensive than other standard covers. But hey, I had just spent a year saving for my gorgeous boat. It was worth it. I needed to protect my investment, and only a custom made boat cover can do that.


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