Six Fresh Mountain Boards that will take your Skateboarding Experience to a Whole New Level

Another skateboarding activity that is taking the world by storm is mountain boarding aka dirtboarding or all-terrain boarding (ATB). If you haven’t heard about this type of skateboard yet, all-terrain boards have four specialized rubber wheels designed for rugged terrains and off road tracks. If you are a true fan of any skateboarding activity, dirtboarding is a must-try!

Learning mountain boarding can very on the person’s experience in skateboarding and snowboarding in general. If you are a longboard skater that knows how to switch stances, it will only take a few sessions before you can comfortably skate on one. Snowboarders who are addicted to that downhill rush will find mountain boards to be the next best thing to bombing off-road hills and mountains.

Since mountain boards are still in its young years, you can expect that parts and components of these boards will be limited at this time. Fortunately for you, this sport has been picking up heat for a few years now. What does that bring? Aftermarket gear and components as well as upcoming innovations to make dirtboarding more legit. If you want to take part of the mountain boarding experience, it’s time to gear up.

Six Mountain Board Available from MBS

MBS currently has the sickest collection of mountain boards available online. Whether you’re thinking of trying it out or going competitive with it, they have the right setup for you.

MBS Core 90 Mountain Board

The MBS Core 90 Mountain Board is the best entry-level mountain board that you can use for advanced freestyling as well as kiteboarding. The short deck setup of the Core 90 combined with the lightweight yet highly durable all-terrain skate (ATS) trucks makes this board the most ideal starter deck for anyone who is curious. For the price tag of $259.95, the MBS Core 90 is worth the asking price.

The Core 90 is also a wonderful means of transportation for people who commutes on a daily basis due to its shorter-than-normal deck size to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cruise on all road conditions. The redesigned F2 bindings is a blast for those who like a lightweight mountain board. Interested skaters who wants this awesome mountain board may opt to have it shipped within 24-48 hours.

MBS Core 95 Mountain Board

The MBS Core 95 Mountain Board is the perfect dirt board for people who are looking for versatility and all-around use. This mountain board is significantly longer than the Core 90. With a length size of 43.3 inches, you can expect a stable skating experience with this board. This board is designed for advanced level skaters who are into freestyles and kiting.

For the price of $299.95, you will get a really reliable mountain board that is made with professional-level materials such as the Powerlam deck that is made with maple and fiberglass. If you find the Core 90 to be a bit short for your needs… and skills, you will appreciate what the Core 95 Mountain Board can do to match your skills. Simply put, if you are planning to spend no more than 300 bucks, this is the board to get.

MBS Core 95X Mountain Board

For those who want something more for an entry-level mountain board, the Core 95X mountain board is the perfect beast for you. Compared to the Core 90, the Core 95X is a 44-inch long mountain board which is perfect for downhill skating on all terrains. This board features Vector Twin Pin Channel Trucks, F2 Bindings, T3 Tread, Rockstar Hubs and more.

For the price of $315.90 on, the Core 95X is a great purchase if you’re looking for a competitive mountain board. If you are planning to get this mountain board soon, folks at MBS is kind enough to give you a brake system upgrade which usually costs $59.95. If you’re looking for future upgrades, the Core 95X is capable of that. So if you’re planning to spend around 300 bucks for a quality mountain board, make sure to get this one instead.

MBS Comp 95X Mountain Board

The MBS Comp 95X Mountain Board is a shorter, more nimble mountain board specifically designed to get more speed and airtime. This board features a set of nine-inch T2 tires to give skaters more ground clearance especially on tough and rough terrains. For the price of $469.95, this mountain board already comes with Matrix trucks which are designed to take abuse.

If you are a speed freak, the MBS Comp 95X is the perfect mountain board for you especially if you’re looking for a board that has the maneuverability, stability and comfort even when you’re going at high speed. For its asking price and guaranteed performance, the Comp 95x is one of the best competitive mountain boards out there today.

MBS Pro 100 Tom Kirkman Mountain Board

The MBS Pro 100 is Tom Kirkman’s signature mountain board. This board features all the professional-level components equipped with the pro skater. Although very similar to the MBS Comp 95X Mountain Board, the Pro 100 features MBS Matrix Pro trucks that is equipped with CNC 6061-T6 aluminum top trucks as well as the F4 PRO bindings with aluminum L-brackets. For the price of $559.95, you can never go wrong with the MBS Pro 100 Tom Kirkman Mountain Board.

MBS Pro 100 Lee Robbins Mountain Board

The MBS Pro 100 Leon Robbins Mountain Board is yet another $559.95 mountain board that is armed to the teeth. This 46.9-inch mountain board comes packed with rock star pro hubs, F4 Bindings, Reverse-Cap Composite (RCC) wood and fiberglass construction, plus more. Equipped with Matrix Lite Trucks, you can expect a rugged yet reliable skating experience with the Pro 100 Lee Robbins edition. If you are looking for a longer mountain board that is ready to go, the Pro 100 Lee Robbins Mountain Board is the one for you.


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