Snowboarding Gear – 6 Essential Products

Snow is soft to the touch, a little cold, but certainly something that is safe to bounce around on or horseplay in, right? Snowboarding is a fun sport but just because it’s a sport you practice in the snow doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. There are precautionary measures you need to take, including certain snowboarding gear you need to make practicing safe.

The Snowboarding Jacket

You’ll need something water resistant and warm and that gives you enough freedom of movement. The ideal jacket might be something like the Mountain Warehouse Avalanche Jacket. This is a ski jacket but works perfectly well for snowboarding. The great insulation and fleece lining provides extra warmth. It’s also fully waterproof but roomy enough for movement and sports additional underarm vents that can be unzipped to cool you down.

Ski or Snowboard Pants


You’ll want lightweight, yet roomy and warm snowboard pants. You need the type that has Velcro fasteners, so buttons don’t snag on other equipment. A good choice might be the Arctix Men’s Classic Cargo Snow Pants. These are 100% polyester on the outside and have the Thermalock fabric for insulation.  These are water and wind resistant with an adjustable waist for added comfort

Snowboard Helmets


Remember I said you needed to keep your snowboarding activities safe, so one of the most important items you’ll need is a good snowboarding helmet. Now there are several to choose from, but I personally prefer the Bern Watts EPS Helmet. This is a hard hat covering in case of impact. It is insulated with hard foam and an ABS shell for protection against hard hits. Note that this helmet is made specifically for snowboarding or skiing, not for high-speed action sports.

Snug Fitting Snowboard Boots


You can’t go snowboarding unless you have the boots to fit the snowboard. These need to fit snuggly and should also be water resistant, protective and insulated. A good choice would be the DC Phase Snowboard Boot. This is a boot that adds artistic style to the traditional snowboard boot.  It offers comfort and fashion. DC boots have direct lacing and a Unilite Outsole for better protection. It also has a cool inner footbed, which provides better support while snowboarding.


As with any winter sport, you don’t want to leave home without a good set of gloves.  You’ll want to look for a pair that offers comfort, warmth and flexibility.


Goggles do have a purpose. They are made to keep the snow and wind out of your face to give you better visibility. Of course, this is an optional item and you can always use a pair of sunglasses. But sunglasses don’t always give you the same type of protection as goggles.

Of all the snowboarding gear you can get, the most important, and often the most overlooked, is the snowboard helmet. I can’t tell you the number of falls I’ve had, and a simple snowboard helmet like the Bern Watts has always kept me from suffering major damage.

Snowboarding is tons of fun, but you really need to be prepared for this winter sport. You shouldn’t leave home without these six essential items.


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