Spear Fishing – An Out of This World Experience for Every Diver – A Guide to the Gear You Need

Spear fishing is one of my passions, but a few years ago I didn’t know what was what. It was on a trip to Los Cabos that I learned about the thrill of this extreme sport.  It really gets the adrenaline flowing for divers.

Diving into those clear blue waters was like entering another world. It is such an intense experience. You are all alone, and then suddenly you aren’t; you are face to face with the biggest Wahoo you’ve ever seen.

And when it comes to the competitions, all I can say is, “Wow.” The prize money is not to be sneezed at. For me there is something special about being out on the ocean, just you against the fish. To learn and enjoy this sport you may want to join a spear fishing club, and you’ll also want to start acquiring some basic gear. That way you won’t be caught without the right stuff when you’re out there.

The Gun

Personally I use the SSI Comanche Speargun. This speargun has an angled grip that ensures accuracy. It also has a four line release for faster action. The gun’s design offers a fast and easy loading option and a muzzle with perfect alignment. Buy it on Amazon here.

The Bungee for the Speargun Line

I learned early on that landing a big fish with just the speargun was a bit difficult, because the fish fights and this can easily break the rig, letting the fish get away. One of the most important items to carry is a spearfishing bungee. This offers some tension and absorbs the impact of the fighting fish. I use the Spearit Super Speargun Shock cord with a heavy ½ od x ¼ id latex tubing.  This prevents tear-outs and helps bring huge fish to a softer stop. Buy it on Amazon here.

Long Swim Fins

I use U.S. Divers Proflex II fins because they are long and keep the stress off my leg muscles. These allow me to swim quite far in a short period of time, allowing me to work at pulling a fish in. Buy it on Amazon here.

Camouflage Wetsuit

You’ll also want a camouflage wetsuit to help you blend in with your surroundings, which allows you to get closer to the fish. I use the Neoprene SEAC Body Fit suit for the places I go spearfishing in Los Cabos, but you’ll want to use a camouflage suit that works best for the waters you fish in. The SEAC body suit is a one piece wetsuit made of 1.5 mm nylon. It is pre-formed to tightly fit your bod. Buy it on Amazon here.

Weight Belt

Don’t forget to get a good weight belt to help you reach neutral buoyancy. I use the Scubamax weight belt. This is a four-pocket belt that is about 30 inches wide. I only use the four-pocket as I don’t need to go too far down to find the fish. This belt also comes with an adjustable buckle that allows for tightening or loosening. Buy it on Amazon here.


Handling the fish and the speargun requires special gloves. They need to be durable but very flexible. I prefer the Darkfin Webbed power gloves as these have a cotton flock surface with a great grip. They are lightweight but don’t absorb moisture and the web design offers great paddle power. Buy it on Amazon here.

Dive Knife ll, All Stainless with Line Cutter, Razor Edge and Leg Strap Sheath

One of the most commonly overlooked items is the dive knife. If you don’t have a good dive knife, you won’t be able to get the fish off the speargun. This knife can also be used for scraping out crevices and getting to areas where the fish are. It is made with stainless steel and has a sharp razorback serrated edge. Buy it on Amazon here.

Bottom Line

You’ll be using the same dive gear as in scuba diving; I’m assuming you already have some scuba diving gear when you want to go spear fishing. Good luck in your new adventure.


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