Ten of the Best Snowboarding Helmets Under $100

Snowboarding is one of the most common extreme sports that people love to do. You probably know a couple of people who snowboard and you wonder if you could also manage to snowboard. If you know how to skateboard, chances are you can learn how to snowboard. If you are a long board skater looking for a different type of downhill experience, you’ve got to try snowboarding.

Before you jump right onto the slopes, be sure that you come prepared. It is very important to wear snowboarding protective gear to ensure you’ll be safe all throughout the session. When it comes to snowboarding gear, most of the time you don’t have to pay a lot of money to get fully protected. While helmets are one of the most important investments you will make, it won’t hurt to choose an affordable helmet to get you started.

If you have the money to buy pricier snowboarding helmets, go for it. Just make sure you will get the most out of it. However, if you are working with a smaller budget and you are looking for basic snowboard helmets that pass quality control certifications, you are in for a treat. Today, we’re featuring the top snowboard helmets for under $100.

On a final note, be sure to buy a pair of snowboard goggles that fit the helmet you choose. That way, you don’t have to worry about buying and returning an item. Happy hunting!

The Best Snowboarding Helmets on Amazon

Smith Optics Unisex Hold Snow Sports Helmet




The first on the list is the Smith Optics Holt Snow Sports Helmet. For the starting price of $39.99, you will receive a snowboard helmet made to last. For its asking price, this helmet is ASTM F, CE EN, and CPSC certified so you can expect high-quality materials with excellent comfort and protection. Available in different sizes and color designs to suit your taste, the Smith Optics Holt is a really great catch if you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend.

Smith Optics Maze Helmet





The Smith Optics Maze Helmet is yet another perfect entry-level snowboard helmet you can get for $39.99. If you are looking for a helmet that comes with lightweight yet durable materials, you will love this helmet. Available in different sizes and colors, it also comes with nine vents for great ventilation. For the price and performance, the Smith Optics Maze Helmet is a great alternative.

Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet




If you want a snowboard helmet that offers more style at low prices, the Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet might be the helmet you’re looking for. For the price of $34.45, you will get an elegant snowboard helmet that comes in different styles and sizes to suit your taste. Made with hard shell construction, this helmet is ASTM F 2040 and CE EN 1077 certified so you can expect top-notch protection. The Giro Surface-S Snow Helmet is a force to be reckoned with at this price point.

Smith Optics Transport Helmet




The Smith Optics Transport Helmet is perfect for snowboarders looking for a hybrid, in-mold construction helmets. One of this helmet’s greatest features is the low-profile, regulator adjustable climate control, thanks to its sixteen ventilation vents. For the starting price of $41.86, the Smith Optics Transport Helmet is one of the breeziest helmets you can get and it comes in different size and color options. If you are looking to spend a couple extra dollars, this is a perfect helmet to consider.

Red Avid Snowboard Helmet




The Red Avid Snowboard Helmet is one of those underrated helmets despite its versatility. For the price of $$49.95, this helmet features Redphones Audio Accessory Compatibility so it will be easier to listen to music while going down a slope. This lightweight helmet is made with high-grade materials and is one of the best starting helmets you can invest in for under $100. If you are looking for a simple helmet that comes equipped with nice features, the Red Avid Snowboard Helmet is a good buy.

Giro Combyn Helmet




The Giro Combyn Helmet is yet another considerable option for the $81.99 price point. For the price of $81.99, you will get a high-quality helmet that features Fit Kit for maximum compatibility and comfort. This helmet also features unique ventilation placements to keep you cool and protected all throughout your session. If you want a helmet guaranteed to last a long time, the Giro Combyn Helmet is the one.

Bern Baker EPS Adjustable Helmet




If you are willing to spend over $60, the Bern Baker EPS Adjustable Helmet is one of the safest helmets to put your money on. For the price of $64.95, you receive a high quality helmet that meets the ASTM F 2040, CPSC and EN 1181 safety certification standards. Despite being lightweight, this helmet is equipped with high-grade EPS foam technology to minimize head trauma in the event of a fall. If you are looking for a helmet that feels like a custom fit, the Bern Baker EPS Adjustable Helmet is a must-buy.

Anon Talon Helmet Steeldrum




Another notable option for the $64.95 price point is the Anon Talon Helmet Steeldrum. This helmet is capable of fitting an audio system inside your ear pads for your entertainment. While this helmet weighs around one pound, three ounces, you will get a high-quality snowboarding helmet that features an effective, passive ventilation system. If you want protection, comfort, and entertainment under one helmet, the Anon Talon Steeldrum is a good choice.

Giro Edit Ski Helmet




The Giro Edit Ski Helmet is a super lightweight helmet that features in-mold construction to provide effective protection and lasting comfort. One of the best features of this helmet is its compatibility with all aftermarket attachments. You can choose from different sizes to fit your head shape properly and a wide variety of colors to match your style. If you are looking for a good snowboard helmet that is simple yet stylish, lightweight yet heavy duty and high quality yet reasonably priced, the Giro Edit Ski Helmet is a must-have.

Sandbox Legend Helmet




The Sandbox Legend Helmet is one of the best entry-level helmets you can get your hands on. When you buy this helmet for the starting price of $78.26, you will get three sets of fit pads so you can customize the padding to match your head shape. Available in different sizes, the Sandbox Legend Helmet is one of the most recommended helmets to start with because of its great quality and unmatched comfort.



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