How to Tie Basic Knots for Camping

When you go out camping it is you in the great outdoors with only your survival skills, and it is these that can save your life someday…or at least keep you going on that long hike you love so much. Of these skills, knowing how to use a rope is probably the most essential. Knowing how to make knots so that you can hang things, join things, tie things up or even pull things are all necessary for the outdoors. Imagine if you can’t tie a rope correctly, you may not even be able to hang that hammock you love so much.  So having some basic skills with a rope is quite important. Below are a few different types of rope tying methods.

The Simple Knot/ Overhand Knot




This is probably the most basic knot ever. Most people know how to make one; the only thing they don’t know is the name. It is often used for securing or tying things. It is also used as a part of other more complicated knots.

Make a loop, put one end of the rope through the loop and pull.

The Triple Sliding Hitch/ Pruisk Knot

This knot is often used for climbing and is used by a slide and grip method.

For this, you need two ropes, the rope that will be climbed and the rope that you will use to grip. Place the climbing rope in a horizontal position and take the end of the grip rope and wrap them up and over the first rope, and put it back through the loop.  Take the ends and wrap them around the rope and back through the loop. Pull the ends tight.

Loop Knot

This is also an easy knot, and is basically the same as the Simple Overhand knot, except that you do it on a doubled-up piece of rope. It is not good for long term or for bearing a heavy load, but it is useful for many everyday things.

Double-up a piece of rope. Loop the doubled up section into the shape of a P. Take the loop end and put it through the circle and pull.

The Square Knot:

This is an easy knot to make and is extremely useful. It can be used to tie two ropes together or secure packages. It does not unravel easily and is strong and reliable.

Make two Simple/Overhand knots. Put the right side over the left side then the left over the right and tie each side. Pull tight.

Bowline Knot:  

This knot can be used for mountain climbing, rescue operations or for a tent-stake pin-down. It is easy to tie and untie, and it doesn’t slip.




Take one end of the rope and make a small knot loop, take the other end and put it through the hole, go around the work end of the rope, put the rope around the circle you have created, then tie the two pieces together and put the one end through the hole. Pull the two ends tight.

Knots are an important element when going camping, whether to tie a load, hang up a washing line or a hammock, pitch a tent or more hazardous activities such as climbing a mountain where the strength of a knot is so much more important.  With a bit of practice, it is easy to learn these simple knots, and once known they will never be forgotten.



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