Tips to Improve Your Archery Skills

I remember the day I first picked up a bow and arrow; at the time it was not much more than a string, a nock set and the light rug on the arrow itself. That was a long time ago, and now bows and accessories have seen a great deal of change. Today’s bows and accessories offer a lot of opportunity to new archers, including the ability to shoot more proficiently in a shorter time. Manufacturers now make bows that are faster, quieter and lighter, which even allows women and younger people to take up the sport. Still, there are a few things you can do to improve your shoot, and that’s what I  want to talk about today. I want to offer you some great tips that will improve your shooting in your marksmanship.

Close Your Eyes

One of the best things you can do to shoot accurately with a bow and arrow is to shut your eyes. This sounds a little funny but it is something that’s practiced by most good archers. Move up to within a few yards of your target, go through your regular positioning and when you reach full draw with the site in the middle of the target, close your eyes and finish the shot. Remember, you’re going to have to practice, as you feel a little insecure in the first few times you try this, but afterward you’ll start to relax and feel sharp. Practice up close with your eyes shut and perform each shot in the same way. This builds up your muscle memory and the correct feel of a good shot. Your body will respond to the slightest mistake in warm and correct it automatically. After trying this several times, then you’ll want to duplicate the same shot with your eyes open; eventually, you’ll be able to distance himself from the shoot.

Beware the Change Equipment


There have been lots of equipment and gadget changes during the last 20 years. So it’s easy to make equipment changes which can better your score or land you a larger animal. However, you should know that equipment changes either small or big can be difficult to train from the beginning. You need to practice with this equipment before you head out on the front or participate in a tournament. This gives your body plenty of time to get used to the new equipment and allows you to get confidence in using it. Possible, you only want to change one piece of equipment at a time. Remember, any type of equipment change will affect your shoot and your form, so you want plenty of time to absorb the changes. This can take about six weeks to get used to new equipment.

Beware of Loss of Focus


This is a condition that can even affect the best marksman. What they appear to be a perfect execution, can, in fact, be less-than-perfect when it arrives at the target. And sometimes the problems are so minute that are difficult to identify. You have to maintain focus at all times and maintain your eye contact with the target as long as possible. If your shooting is often you can’t figure out why try to work on your focus. A good practice exercise shooting in the dark target room with only the targeting lighted. Concentrate on the exact spot that you wish the arrow to shoot.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Archery is a sport that takes practice. Thankfully it is now a sport that is open to a variety of different people, however, you do still need to practice, just as you do in any other sport. This will improve your skill and help you when hunting game with your bow and arrow.


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