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Top 5 Backpacks For Women

Generally, most modern backpacks are designed for men. Carrying one of these, just because you could not find a suitable women’s backpack, may turn your trip into a real nightmare. Men, as compared to women, have broader shoulders and are also a few inches taller. Hence, backpacks designed for men could cause problems for you, including physical discomfort.

Best backpacks for women

For example, if you are a woman carrying the rucksack backpack designed for men, you may feel uncomfortable and may even end up with shoulder and back pain. To avoid this, you need a backpack specifically designed for women. The following list details the top five backpacks for women in regards to comfort and convenience:

  1. Berghaus Torridon Women’s Backpack: When it comes to women backpacks, “Berghaus” is the leader. The company has manufactured women’s backpack for quite some time and offers high quality packs at reasonable prices. Berghaus Torridon Women’s Backpack is just the right size for women with lots of interior space containing many smaller compartments, which suits the needs of all your accessories. The lightweight durability of this pack makes it stand apart from the crowd.
  2. Osprey Womens Ariel: Osprey Womens Ariel backpack designed for females can withstand heavy-duty use. This lightweight premium backpack sports a peripheral frame made of lightweight alloy and a hip belt for a more balanced load. Though appears small from outside, this pack will fit all your traveling accessories.
  3. Gregory Women’s Deva 60 Backpack: Winner of 2008 Backpacker Magazine Editor’s Choice award, this backpack is intended for all those women who love extreme outdoor sports and activities such as mountain climbing. The manufacturer has produced high quality backpacks for eight years now, with Gregory Women’s Deva 60 Backpack being its third generation backpack for women.
  4. Berghaus C7 1 Women’s Rucksac: As mentioned earlier, the brand itself says it all. A pioneer in women backpacks, Berghaus has recently introduced its new range of women backpacks, known as Berghaus C7 1 Women’s Rucksac. These latest backpacks are equipped with Bioflex backpack technology that lowers stress on your back. It also features gripper hip belts that fit your hips while allowing enough air to circulate internally, two expansion pockets and a bottom compartment that can be partitioned with the help of a zip. This backpack is perfect for all those ladies who have a lot to carry.
  5. Low Alpine TFX Lhoste ND65-80: With a five-star rating on Amazon, this backpack is famously known for its simplicity and adjustability. A perfect fit for all those feminine users, this pack features a lightweight load-balancing system known to reduce pressure on your back and provide a comfortable backpacking experience for extended hours. The chest straps and waist straps are well designed and adjustable according to the size of your body, providing you with a happy traveling experience.

If you want the best women’s backpack for your next holiday or adventurous weekend, you won’t be disappointed with one on this list. Depending on your own set of requirements such as size, comfort, ease of access, and adaptability, you can now make an informed choice. But remember: always opt for the one uniquely designed with your needs in mind, so that you can have the best backpack traveling experience possible!


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