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Top 5 Bikes – Amazon’s Best-Selling Bikes for Kids

Every parent looks forward to the day their child learns to ride a bike. There comes a time when your kid will be ready to take on this new challenge. Riding a bike is one of the best lessons you can learn as a kid because once you’ve learned it, you’ll have it in you forever.

If you want your child to learn how to ride a bike, you can finally have a chance to mentor them in a different way. Depending on your kid’s age, you must give them the age-appropriate bike so they can learn properly without sacrificing comfort. We have come up with a list of Amazon’s bestselling bikes for kids between ages two and ten, so you can easily shop for kids’ bikes with greater confidence.

5 Bestselling Kids’ Bikes on Amazon

Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Balance Bike

Ages: 3 and up



Our first featured item is a must-have for parents of children around three years of age. The Strider ST-4 No-Pedal Bike is a perfect beginner bike for toddlers. For the price of $74.99 USD, your kid will have the opportunity to roam around using this bike as it can help them in the future to get their balance and ride bigger bikes. Available in various colors and packed with high-quality, certified parts, Strider ST-4 balance bike will be your kid’s new favorite toy.


Titan Flower Princess BMX Bike

Ages: 5 and up




Titan’s Flower Princess BMX Bike is a 16-inch girl’s bike ideal for ages five and older. If you have a little girl who has yet to ride her first bike, this is a great option. For the price of $99.97 USD, this BMX bike for girls comes with training wheels for a worry-free biking experience. The cute color combinations of pink and white will definitely catch your daughter’s attention. If you are looking for a good outdoor activity for your child, the Flower Princess BMX bike will be great.


Jeep Bike

Ages: 4 and up




If your cute little boy is in need of a new distraction and you want him to play outside, Jeep’s bike for boys is a perfect beginner bike for him. For the price of $89.99 USD on Amazon, you receive a bike with training wheels to help him learn slowly but surely without worrying about unfortunate falls. The steel frame construction and fork ensures great reliability as most parts are QA-certified. If you’re looking for a decent bike for boys, Jeep’s Bike is your best bet.


Razor Angel Bike

Ages: 8 and up




Are you ready to give your girl her first real bike? If she’s tall enough for a 20-inch bike, it’s time to get her Razor’s Angel Bike for girls. This girl’s bike is equipped with strong, steel frame and fork construction so you can expect great durability. For the price of $97.99 USD, it is easily the best buy if your kid can finally ride a bike without support. Take her to the next level and give your daughter some wings from this Angel Bike.


Kent Full Tilt Bike

Ages: 8 and up


If you have a boy turning eight or is capable of riding a 20-inch bike, Kent’s Full Tilt Bike is a must-buy. Made with a high-tensile steel frame and fork, this freestyle bike is an ideal stepping stone for your boy’s biking skills. If you see him becoming a BMX biker someday, make sure he gets a reliable one. For the price of $101.62 USD, you can’t go wrong with Kent Full Tilt Bike as it will take your boy to the next level.


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