How a Mom Gets Her Adult Family to Enjoy Time Together

I was finally over the hill. The kids had gone off to college, and I had nothing to do. My husband said, “Wow, now you can stay home and watch T.V. all day.” That really worried me.

I figured that what I needed was to take up a sport of some kind. Something that would get me and my husband out of the house. Maybe something we could both enjoy out at the lake.

I thought quite a lot. Tennis? No. Too boring, and I thought it would be hard on my over 40 knees.

I wasn’t much of a basketball player and I already practiced yoga. Maybe a full-fledged sport wasn’t the answer. Maybe what I needed was something that would bring the family back together, something that would make going to the lake fun again.

I love to l swim and both my husband and I love to be out on the lake. So maybe something that was sailing related. I don’t think I could have managed windsurfing right from the start, but hey, who knows? I certainly didn’t want to spring for a full-fledged sail boat. I wasn’t even sure this was the sport that I would enjoy. I started looking at sports equipment online and that’s when I decided to purchase this new Aquaglide 270 Multi Sport. It’s inflatable, so I knew we could take it with us anywhere, but it also has a sail so that we could have fun trying our hands at sailing. If anything, I thought, this is the little boat to put the romance back in my relationship.

When it arrived, my husband (and believe it or not, my grown kids) were fascinated. We immediately went out to the lake house, and surprisingly, the kids wanted to come to.

The Aquaglide is the perfect 1 to 3 person inflatable sailboat that also becomes a windsurfer. It sets up in just a few minutes and you can sail it, tow it or use it as a kayak. It’s an ideal water toy for an old fogey like me. But I think my adult kids also have fun with it. It has helped me learn to sail but more importantly, has shown me how to enjoy my husband and kids again. No need to watch T.V. here— we have a blast.


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